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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Apr 17
GOP thought they could catch us with a bluff. Now we’ve got ‘em on their back foot stutter-stepping 💁🏽‍♀️
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tim berg 4h
i am allowed to take these home right ???
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African Music Promotion 7m
Chocolate City recording artiste 🇳🇬 releases the Official 🚨 for his latest single titled 🎵🔥🔥🔥
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knock knock Apr 19
Replying to @HansStephanie
If Scarlett Johansson played Susan Storm....
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Hot, Hot, Hot....... New Single by Right Now on
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Carmel 15h
Beautiful😍 Whilst in Panama on a tour we were allowed to give monkeys food. AFTER handing it over, smiling gleefully, the tour guide instructs “oh do not smile they believe you are bearing teeth & want to fight.” 😳
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carteriv🇺🇸🌍 22h
Yo this song is 🔥🔥🔥 😭🙏
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Trish Macri 20h
Wth when you realize weekend shifts start at seven am not SIX 😡😴
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Kristopher Driver 18h
What could be more visceral than an angry group of people who feel cheated appealing to the cheat for the remedy. When they finally turn around to object to poisoned water tables, air & debt gluts on their children, it'll be because they've been poisoned / bankrupted.
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losgryfog 4h
I'm cutting it REAL close to the deadline with this one. No idea what time it is for @UnboundEmbrace but it's still TECHNICALLY #420 in here 😉 Hopefully this isn't I wanted…
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Eva 23m
Replying to @xavier_valero
as always 😇
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DCharlie Apr 19
now time to oust the president - if your boss had gone haywire and he can also (notes) destroy all life on the planet if he has a bad day? Hes completely unstable then time to blow the foghorn, get him remove. What are people waiting for ? The first nuke to drop ?
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It's quotes! 22h
BobHarig Ian_OConnor Just to let you both know I'm off golfing next Saturday and I don't care who knows about it! I love my golf and go golfing as often as possible. Golfing is fun. Golfing is great. Golfing is for life.
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NewOnNetflixUSA -fan 12h
'Smurfs: The Lost Village' has been removed from Netflix USA after about 18 months.
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NewOnNetflixUK -fan- 24h
'Lake Placid' has been removed from Netflix UK after about 12 months.
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Andrew Browning Apr 16
Replying to @SkyNewsBreak
I can't wait until the day when we reach the tipping point of permanent climate change and humanity decides to take the same approach and throw money at it
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Spot News Apr 19
Replying to @SPOTNEWSonIG
PO1: What's the offender's name? PO2: W***** W***** PO3: We shouldn't be putting any of that info over the air.
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Элтон Беннингтон 12h
But its too late to turn back now, It's too loud to hear a sound
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Rachel 14h
I need to stop choosing dissertation-scope projects for seminar papers 🙈
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1proudnurse Apr 19
Replying to @KeithKOMO4
Did she intend to say we play cards all shift?
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