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Guessner Williams Feb 19
Dear father, I know longer care if others are inconvenienced or uncomfortable with our truth. You destroyed your little girl.
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E Claudette Freeman Feb 19
Are you a writer or self-publisher and want to sell more books? Get your free ticket to the first ALL FEMALE ONLINE PUBLISHING conference: []
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GoodNightHarlem Feb 19
Video: Calls Out (ex- player and current Neurosurgeon) for alleged predatory behavior on up to 8 women.
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Tim Roth 20h
Replying to @jacksonglidden
Thank you for writing this. I think with her status as a longtime writer and member of the Portland community, Rommelman’s snafu is an especially complicated case of poor judgment and even poorer damage control. Ristretto should cease to exist in its current form.
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H Sampson’s History Feb 18
Replying to @jlooksky @NBCNews
But first he’d be ’d & ’d and gangstalked until he was on the brink of committing suicide.
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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Survivors 2m
Replying to @ArakapasHash
Ugh. That’s all I can muster in the face of such institutional stupidity. Ugh.
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Hillary Diane Davis 20h
I honestly don’t know what to make of this. I know my little opinion matters but why believe a criminal over someone who was attacked. Y’all have all been saying only when it’s convenient.
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nicola baison 4m
Will pay for to be shot.
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White Feminist Girls Club Feb 19
Because of ppl etc is surface level. Superficial.Generic ideas like “hire one director in the next year”They care more about the optics of a room than the safety of it for POC and women in marginalized communities. That’s white feminism.1/3
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ssteveboucher 2h
Sweeter words were never book Horseshoes & Hand Grenades is going to be published! It's a coming of age story for 2 women starting their adults lives and careers while dealing with sexual harassment at work and memories of childhood incest.
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Dikko 2h
Spent a few hours at the wife's grave this morning......Bless her, she thinks I'm digging a pond
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Marcy Vorhees Feb 13
Replying to @TheRyanAdams
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Forces Fit 2h
After 12 years in the army, today was my last day in the forces. One thing ill take away is the quality people i have met over the years.
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tess 10h
Replying to @RebeccaCNReid
Upon reflection, should’ve unfollowed after this dismissive Piers Morganesqe hot take. Are u actually aware of all the crap things he said recently?(And that he wasn’t French 🤣) People’s legacy upon their death is not up to them or their family. 4old out of touch fogies
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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Survivors 8h
Catholic priests accused list: In six months, abuse allegations against over 2,600 priests, church workers have been revealed
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Carolina Church 22h
The conversation has only just begun! We’re fanning the flame and addressing old wounds. Meet Us along with for a healing conversation Fri. 2/22 @ 7pm. Doors open with light refreshments at 6pm. Ages 18-35 welcome. ⁠ ⁠
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Propane Jane™ 2h
Federal prosecutors broke law in Jeffrey Epstein case, judge rules
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LMU Bellarmine 46m
What are the promises and pitfalls of using social media for social change? Join us for a talk on hashtag activism with activists from and at our Social Media for Social Justice event! Feb. 28 | Playa Vista campus | 6:30 p.m.
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randomthoughtscanada 10h
Replying to @washingtonpost
Hey Trump - they found this coast guard with a stock pile of weapons targeting the peeps you belittle everyday. Pretty sure people with an IQ over 5 (of which you are not) can connect the dots. Neo-Nazi = Trump. ITMFA!
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Grace Episcopal Alexandria Survivors 9h
Gay Priests, Secret Rules and the Abuse of Nuns: Some of the Vatican Controversies as Bishops Meet
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