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ClapperCast: The Global Film Podcast 🎙🌎 Oct 24
On this special episode of , we host a roundtable with contributors from all over the world, discussing everything from the best of to predicting awards nominations and our personal experiences attending the virtual festival
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kat Oct 24
my first review is out go give it a read!!!
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She Does The City Oct 19
"You're going to make garbage, and it's really okay." - Writer, Filmmaker & Producer on developing your craft. Henry had two films premiere at , and was also honoured last month for RBC's Women In Film series. Learn from her. 📽️
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Scream Queens Oct 23
"THE FATHER, in both the manner in which it is crafted and in how it is performed, is superb." From , Ferdosa Abdi () reviews THE FATHER:
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Ricardo @ CIFF '20 Oct 24
I had a blast talking about films with and ❤️
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Mike Glover Oct 17
All these docs were at . Should have made use of the digital !
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The Film Stage 📽 Oct 19
Thomas Vinterberg's has won the Best Film audience award at this year. Read our review:
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TIFF Oct 17
“I need to entertain, but I also need to respond to what’s happening in the country I live in.” Ahead of the premiere of DAVID BYRNE’S AMERICAN UTOPIA, explore how Spike Lee and David Byrne translated the Broadway show into a film. Full Q&A:
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LV Taylor, Esq. Oct 24
Had a blast talking with this crew!
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matt died in 1842 but his spirit shall not rest Oct 22
Right before , I suddenly got really into JURASSIC WORLD: FALLEN KINGDOM. I am now ready to entertain theories on wtf that was about
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LV Taylor, Esq. Oct 18
was another of the films I missed at but I’m so glad I got a chance to catch it at . An honest look at the struggle to manage and survive during a time of crisis that places the humanity of the people on the front lines front and center.
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Tyler Collins Oct 17
David Byrne's premieres at 8:00pm. It was among my favourites of this year - here's my full review from last month's premiere
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LV Taylor, Esq. Oct 17
I missed it at but I’m so glad I was able to catch at ...absolutely loved it!
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A. Movies Oct 20
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Lorna Codrai Oct 19
My interview with Farnoosh Samadi about her feature debut 👇
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Un viejo ex miembro de la Yakuza japonesa busca abandonar la mafia pero algo en la vida que quiere adoptar se lo impide. Ahí comienza Under the Open Sky película de Miwa Nishikawa presentada en el Aquí la crítica de
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Les dejamos la crítica de a Another Round. Es la película más reciente de Thomas Vinterberg y en la que colabora de nuevo con Mads Mikkelsen. Se presentó en el y fue de las más aplaudidas del Festival
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Seguimos con los ecos del y no nos extrañaría nada que de una u otra forma Another Round de Thomas Vinterberg llegara hasta el Oscar. Hay mucho talento aquí reunido. Esta es la crítica de
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El video de media noche es el avance de Another Round dirigida por Thomas Vinterberg y protagonizada por Mads Mikkelsen. Sin duda de lo mejor que pudimos ver este año en el
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Se vale desayunar revisando la crítica de a Pieces of a Woman. Por esta película su protagonista Vanessa Kirby fue premiada como Mejor Actriz en el Festival de Venecia. Nosotros la revisamos en el
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