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targetedintheuk 6h
Replying to @surveillabuse
We need more s to be brave and speak up from the UK.
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: Am Blessed - x - w/. 👉👉: "Let Integrity and Uprightness Preserve..."(Psa 25:21).
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Switzerland Pictures 15h
The Picture of the day is from: Credits: Emanuele Dell'Abate - --- Images may be subject to copyright --- Python Twitterbot by Jerome Tissieres: -
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'Duval & giving out marriage advise do you all agree? 🙄
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NYC 🔥🔥🔥it’s going down!! An epic way to bring in the holidays. CURATED and COORDINATED by myself eddiemoralesofficial
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intergalactic Dec 14
Has anyone tried ? A woman told me about it. She found it a great way to meet people. I don't think it's escorting for $10-50/hr. Yet, it's definitely different.
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targetedinuk Dec 12
Date Wed, Aug 2 2017 at 17:16 (Constant DEW attacks. At the time I had no idea about the technology and program. I tried to explain the best I can what I was going through.)
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intergalactic Dec 12
Replying to @cethruu
How do u get names for the police report? Most police would not take my reports as I did not have any names (which I thought is a ridiculous policy).
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Leena 22h
Replying to @TieOnKevyt
"Reflective thinking, in short, means judgment suspended during further inquiry; and suspense is likely to be somewhat painful… To maintain the state of doubt and to carry on systematic and protracted inquiry — these are the essentials of thinking."
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🌬NinaColada Dec 11
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WMP Magazine 9h
RT : Tired of feeling stuck, depressed, and exhausted? Imagine yourself finally finding out what you need to improve your life today.
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Garrett Keeley Dec 12
If you gon mention my bad more than you mention my good just remember I coulda been dead in the hood
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LaDarrius Blanco Dec 12
You can’t expect me to think like you! My life ain’t like yours
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Zeinab Nadeem 5h
(Re)integration Advanced Training Course 2018 edition: Habib El Mrabt, TI Partner on PVE, facilitating a discussion on the importance of inclusiveness of private sectors in reintegration programs.
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targetedinuk Dec 15
My name is Nuran Akkus and I am a . Placed a noise complaint to , and subjected to ever since.
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Fred@Bootstrap Dec 14
In John Denver's classic 'Take me Home Country Road', you can change the lyric 'West Viriginia' to 'West Siberia' and the feel of the song remains the same 👍
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MisunderstoodSamurai Dec 6
Replying to @dechpe @SpkEasyPodcast
Offset can’t this situation away cardib is not tiny
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targetedintheuk 10h
Replying to @acupoftrade
This corrupt doctor is the part of . She will shout at you and put words in your mouth instead of listening to you, so she can label you as crazy and get you ready for the program.
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Dre Fly Duval Dec 14
Check it out !! I killed this Ella Mai Trip!!! Frfr 🔥🔥💯💯💯❤️❤️❤️ please repost!!!
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