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Keimeee 18h
Hangyul maybe one of daddy line or hyung line in PDX 101 but he is our baby maknae in The Unit(with dongmyeong and Taeeun etc) ♥️♥️♥️♥️
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How do you feel when nepa brings light but u can't find ur charger😂😂💔
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TP 🤟🏻 Jul 17
US Army Combat Applications Group operators in Afghanistan
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Christine loves Winwin ✨ Jul 20
Replying to @RimaChristine
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chiikeno 15h
Rewatching The Unit cause I mis UNB so bad :(
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nimz∞ Jul 19
What if we can see Suwoong, Timoteo, Hojung, Kijung, Marco, Yebin and other The Unit participants at pdx to support hangyul. My reaction: First: Shock😱 Sec: Cry😭
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Lee Hangyul_007 Jul 20
Starting on program with his group along with Kijung,Giseok and Taeeun .😉 Performing by makes the crowd gives them a SUPERBOOT in which they got over 90% of audience votes .❤ They makes the juries proud of them and made it to the show .
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Joe Tramble Jul 17
TheUNIT Midwest Recruitment HBCU MEGA CAMP ATLANTA sponsored by Rich Freeman 2020 WR Montario Henry 6'4 170lbs Grand Blanc High School, MI speaks on experience attending the HBCU Camp and being recruited
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Hangyul made me do it 😺😻😼 Jul 20
Replying to @soompi
Now I'm glad he didn't make it in he deserves more
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SPN Dawn Jul 19
Recently I had the opportunity to binge & wonder wth I was doing when this fantastic show was on air?!
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Fofty DaHulk Jackson AKA Sunshine AKA Wifey!!! 4h
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djmm1962 15h
Two of my favorite old shows are on simultaneously 🙄 We have to schedule better, 🙏🏽🙏🏽
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Josh A. Hale Jul 17
Urec Camp hitting triple digits... is taking care of business this week!!
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#HypeTijih? Jul 17
Replying to @OldManEffect
Only if you support me and me only to join Thanks in advance
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C.J. Hurt Jul 17
Replying to @monsterinc9177
Like the hoodie Gggggg
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@DJDoughBoyNW Jul 17
When Tony Yayo shouts you out on the IG Live Feed a couple times
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ONCE and Pop Punk Jul 16
Lee Hyunjoo’s side profile is that of a goddess!! Wtf 😩✨🌹
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Lee Hangyul_007 Jul 19
Greetings! I'm a small account which support Hangyul dearly from day 1 since and now to ! If you are a fan of X1 , i'll be glad to be your mutuals! THANK YOU ❤
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Fofty DaHulk Jackson AKA Sunshine AKA Wifey!!! 3h
Replying to @TheGarden @50cent and 3 others
Exciting news fam, the RSVP list is officially open for the Season 6 Premiere Event at . Don't miss out! RSVP NOW:
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