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Malay Guy Jul 9
Germany to shut down all 84 of its coal-fired power plants by 2038! They deserve our respect for being bold and truly want to make the difference!
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Israel ישראל Jul 14
On Wednesday, Israel will present its progress in promoting at the High-level Political Forum on . This week, we'll share facts & figures telling the story of Israel's efforts in promoting the global goals. 📝Full report:
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CRC Research Lab 2h
What makes a community vital? AGENCY! Learn more ➡
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LivioFilice 15h
new coalition government has pledged to make the country carbon neutral by 2035 as part of a policy programme that includes a major increase in public spending infrastructure.
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PIANGO Pacific 2030 3h
Fiji need more coordinated mechanisms, between gvt, Private sectors, Union if wants to achieve SDG 17
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Varun Mahankali 10h
China and India are biggest consumers of coal. For countries who still have tens of millions of people without access to modern energy, ofcourse their goal is to satisfy these people by any means available.
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Stefano Fabozzi 2h
Dell report covers device recycling, tracking and more
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Discus Institute 5h
Science is key to achieving the but let’s not forget the cooperation & innovative approaches to implementation are also necessary to translate science into
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Embassy Springs 6h
It always feels good to have an edge over other regular homes. Isn’t it? Embassy Springs helps you to utilize the energy in the best way possible. Want to know how? Here are some tips to go green in your homes.
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UNIDO_Quality 2h
Did you know that Quality Infrastructure contributes to building prosperity, meeting the needs of people, protecting the planet and ultimately to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals?
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BRIQ Technology 3h
These examples of architecture seems totally at one with their locations. Could you live there? via
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Anil Agarwal 9h
Our Lanjighar unit is a perfect example of Vedanta's commitment to sustainable & inclusive development. It takes 'Zero Waste' a notch higher & creates 'Wealth from Waste' that benefits the state's economy & surrounding communities.
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Global awareness for 'sPrinciples for has made its way to the Vatican, where warmly accepted from 's a copy of this framework that aligns the banking industry with the world’s goals.
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Fair Trade Advocacy 5h
Today at published its new 'Spotlight Report on Sustainability in EU: Who is paying the bill?' analysing the downside of EU policies and practices in the world. Policy coherence for is still lacking. Read at
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UN in South Africa 7h
Debt levels in developing countries heighten vulnerability - Rising indebtedness may be a global phenomenon, but the debt levels of developing countries are amplifying their economic vulnerability.
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Oxford Urbanists Jul 11
Understanding the crucial urban challenges in the developing world is paramount for implementing New Urban Agenda's Sustainable Development Goals. Join on promoting change for Delhi city -
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Benin, Rwanda and Djibouti to join Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
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Malay Guy 11h
Hydro power. The small system can produce between 5-500 kwh. One of the best solution for rural area power generation.
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Sunil Duggal 13h
CSR in India is rapidly evolving and progress in last few years has been phenomenal. Greater synergies across companies and partners in creating CSR initiatives can lead to real and lasting social impact.
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蔡英文 Tsai Ing-wen Jul 14
Replying to @iingwen
As island nations, and face many of the same challenges. Today’s Taiwanese product exhibition showcased our collaboration in a wide range of areas, such as energy and infrastructure, and Taiwan is proud to contribute to Haiti’s .
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