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gruntgalley Aug 17
If you haven't yet seen the most recent issue of , please check out the feature by on the restoration of and our other respected colleagues like Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill and the great Lee Maracle as well.
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gruntgalley Jul 28
It's the last day to see and ' exhibition ! We're open until 5 PM. The peak-hole into the diorama and the world of the is worth showing up for! More information about the show can be found here:
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gruntgalley Jun 24
speaks to about the progress of restoration and + new exhibition up until July 28th! Read more here:
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gruntgalley Jun 11
Sneak peek a piece from + exhibition, which is opening June 14 this week! A Modest Proposal: The Framework for your Memory 1 of 9 views of a scale model of the cabin's unique framework. 14 x17 cm ea. Gouache on photograph 2018.
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