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Ultimate Movies Sep 12
This Is The Saddest News Ever. Henry Cavill Is No Longer Superman. I Thought That He Was An Amazing Superman! So Sad.... I Have No Clue What Warner Bros Are Doing! They Have Just Lost The Best Superman EVER!
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CardiacDrop™ Sep 12
Damn DC... looks like Thanos got ahold of your crew too...
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DC Films United Sep 12
Henry Cavill in instagram: "Today was exciting" 😀
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Dean Cain Sep 12
I have been on a long-needed vacation. My son is now 18. I hear they’re looking for a new Is there an age qualification? ? 😜👍🏼
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Black Gekikara 3h
Replying to @fukujang0627
Just a few posts, like the Flight 2.0 from with the tagline "It's not an S" And then our hope was revived
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Josh 24h
You kmow just because you might think a black actor playing superman (character who was always white) is a little weird doesn't mean you're wrong or racist.
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Gooddave76 8h
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Shawn Baichoo 19h
My wife made this for me for our 13th wedding anniversary and now I'm officially dead because my heart exploded (We're wearing and t-shirts, if you're wondering)
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Joe Vargas Sep 12
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STEEL🗯 Sep 12
A bit "kryptic." Is Henry trying to tell us what I think he's trying to tell us? 🤔
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Rumor claims star — who may be done with the DC Films Universe — is being eyed for another iconic role: Bond. James Bond.
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ComicBook Debate Sep 12
Henry Cavill’s latest Instagram Post regarding
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Gamer Girl 5h
Who would win RT for the , Like for
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~Oracle Sep 12
"Today was exciting" -Henry Cavill What does this mean, Henry?
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Craig 46m
Replying to @cannedvariety
Then up, up and away...
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Tom 2h
Time to hit the gym again! 💪🏋️🎧
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Zaki Hasan Sep 20
At this point it's an open question whether is out as , but even if they end up rebooting (again!) down the line, all I ask is that they assume everyone already knows Superman's origin. If I never watch Krypton explode again it'll still be too soon.
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Grace Randolph 21h
Since doesn't come out until 2020 now, a Bond movie wouldn't come out until at LEAST 2022, which is of no help to Cavill. He really should work to stay ...
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Kudzai  🇿🇼/🇿🇦 Sep 21
Happy Birthday to my Dad❤️.... Strongest and wisest man I know. What a heavy few months he has had, especially this past month. Went to his room this morning & we had the realest convo about life and what just happened and what it means. 🙏🏾 ..... He is the reason
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