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Bushra Ahmed  West Croydon Voice 18h
I would walk 500 miles / We’re only making plans for Nigel 😉
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Paul Hawes #FBPE #MalvernForEurope 49m
Replying to @WestminsterWAG
Overturning one democratic vote with another is absolutely fine.
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Brid 8h
Replying to @OwenJones84
Will you be marching with us?
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Tristan #FBPE 23h
Replying to @theresa_may
millions and millions of pounds and wrought havoc across the country. And then, if you please, makes a speech that sounded like it was a dictator offering salvation. It's time for a proper constitution. We can't continue in this insanity. 2/2
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Debby Sainsbury Mar 22
The tweets by the super scared brexit fools dissing the revoke article 50 petition are hilarious.
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Ann Ross Mar 22
Operation Redfold! To deploy troops in event of riots and ensurevgood gets through the ports Really how have u allowed this Brexit debaccle to get to this. Leadership ??!!
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Brid Mar 22
Replying to @Peston @Doozy_45
Putin must be running low on popcorn!
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Paul Hawes #FBPE #MalvernForEurope Mar 20
Brexiters say we should ignore MP's vote to prevent no-deal as it was "only advisory". Am I missing something?
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Martha Fa’quat Mar 20
Replying to @davidschneider
We need to forget the result of the referendum and all those who voted to leave, and just do the right thing
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Michounette #FBPE Mar 22
Replying to @bbclaurak
she never had control. The ERG and the DUP did.
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Matthew Smith Mar 20
Replying to @Channel4News
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Sir.Nigel60007 #WeAreRemain🇪🇺 Mar 22
Replying to @snb19692
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Pat Cattini 19h
Please sign the petition. Let’s save our country from the impecile prime minister and right wing facism
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Aziz J Mulla #FBPE 7h
I hope you are watching London today, we are and always will be European 🇪🇺
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Michael Graves 25m
Replying to @aev1609
Love your EU socks. We are there in Spirit.
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Martha Fa’quat 2h
Replying to @CharlotteCGill
I spent all today in a pub signing this petition 😃. I managed to do it 50 times! If 280,000 of us can do that we will be up to 17.5 million! Come on everyone, together we can completely trash the democratic foundations upon which the country was built!
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Sandra Evans Mar 21
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Roger Bragg #FBPE Mar 22
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Wayne Hubery Mar 22
The is utterly pointless it was democracy that led us to brexit so stopping it would be the exact opposite of saving democracy. Wonder which tool thought that hashtag up.
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Kristin Tunley-Smith 12m
Replying to @EmmaKennedy
❤️ Ah see, we want inclusiveness, positivity... a bloody future! We aren’t bitter, xenophobic and full of twisted hate! That’s why we support 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺 🇪🇺
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