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Leigh Brown 2h
The student asked, “What am I like?” The master said, “You are a vessel.” “What vessel?” “A vessel of ancestral sacrifice.”
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news_sense Dec 9
"The weakening of Macron, and hopefully his resignation, is in the of ," says the official daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta in a long article on the violence that affected Paris and several provincial cities ...
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Nicholas H Wolfinger Dec 5
Weird story. An obscure academic conference, , chooses as its speaker (). Protests ensue & the conference host, , names individual academics as villains in the no-platforming. HT
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Leigh Brown Dec 7
Making drawings of from a basement in DC is creepy & I said I wouldn’t do it for that reason however the eerie discomfort gives me cause to continue. Maybe Steve isn’t the best strategist. So what? I won’t let his taint dim my delusion!
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kuiviq Dec 2
Replying to @OxfordUnion
Link to what? Joining the Nazi party? No thanks, my ancestors died fighting them. We will again, without your help.
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Fab Bothy Chesneau 🇪🇺🇹🇩🇫🇷 Dec 11
Replying to @StateDept @Ansip_EU
Merci! But we also have as a weapon of mass destruction of Europe. Can you call him back to the USA 🇺🇸? 🙏
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Laura Goldman Dec 11
had an intriguing idea to replace as CoS some combo of Maybe 2 of them together could instill some order.
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Norm Mailer Dec 7
is there a joke that can exemplify what a monster is?
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Shan Kelly Dec 11
saw an enlightening PBS documentary on how far right groups have been internationalised and emboldened by and especially by his use of frog memes on social media Thx to
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Kai Bergmann Dec 9
There is no time to split up anymore. is in and is warming up in America. Read about the for the World and tell me you cant agree.
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Ellen Cartsonis Dec 9
Replying to @ABC
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Renat Künzi Dec 10
Replying to @mathieuvonrohr
will love this footage...
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Brexit Con #FBPE Dec 6
I agree it's all wrong -- someone should tell that the people behind are the same people that Paul Revere rode thru the night to warn against -- greedy, rapacious liars. In fact your average anti-Brexiter would have made an excellent American Revolutionary👍
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Leigh Brown 19h
Happiness serves hardly any other purpose than to make unhappiness possible, and there is nothing in the world so much admired as a man who knows how to bear unhappiness with courage
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Leigh Brown Dec 10
“Madam, I have seen many examples of perversion in my time but your erotic obsession with Steve Bannon is probably the most grotesque and certainly the most boring I have ever encountered.”
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Gemini Dec 7
Replying to @HoarseWisperer
I'd like to see in the slammer, the slimebucket.
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Brett Aronow Dec 8
Where does fit into this?
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bennjamin Dec 9
Is this a thing again?
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Agnes Mishiike Dec 5
has brought his message of hate to with his new venture that seeks to build a populace of angry white men who fear migrants and seek to destroy the and its policies. used and won. What next?
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Peter Dilworth #FBPE #GTTO Dec 3
Whiff whaff whiff whaff 🙄🇷🇺
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