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Dinica Williams 1h
The thing they never mention is the Republicans initiated the . The Dems only continued the funding after the GOP stopped.
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Leslie Williams 13h
Who was& is Lev Parnas working for? Parnas& impeachment witnesses smell like James Clapper& John Brennan: U.S.A.’s, UK’s, Australia’s, Ukraine’s & Russia’s intel were involved in stinging& hurting Trump& his campaign to help HRC win the Presidency.
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AmericaFirst Jan 24
Replying to @America73780731
Those funds we approved by Congress and he renegotiated once on the ground to protect HIS OWN private interests. If soliciting a foreign government for dirt on a candidate is illegal, why was the paraded through D.C. like a championship trophy?
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💯 RED PILLipino 💯 Jan 22
Replying to @HillaryClinton
I would sit this one out if i were you hoaxer.
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Melodie Willis Golde 23h
Replying to @ABC
You pushed the biggest piece of disinformation for over 3 years!!! ring a bell?
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Steve Jan 24
So when does Hillary get put in cuffs?
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Robert Barnes Jan 22
Now Dems are playing testimony admitting made "explosive" allegations that could embarrass and expose "all of them" in the Obama Ukranian State Department operations. A reminder: State Dept. officials in Ukraine were deeply in bed w/ .
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JayJayOkocha Jan 21
doesnt need Queen War Monger’s Endorement.. She rigged him of the nomination in 2016 and ’s spineless ass still endored her after she gave him a beach house.. and she went ahead and rigged with her & STILL LOST
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BeeNewsDaily 22h
Nellie Ohr worked for Fusion , which was paid by Hillary Clinton and the in 2016 to produce the of fake anti-Trump dirt from foreign sources, including from sources in Ukraine. Fusion GPS meddled in the 2016 election on behalf of Hillary Clinton.
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Lane Pietrylo Jan 21
Fascinating - wish I’d heard it sooner. My bad.
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Suzanne M. Dallimore 4h
Here's what doesn't matter one whit. The . Whether "dislike" Trump. Carter warrant. corruption. Who the is. The - emails. testimony. and . Expect to see all if these. /8
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Joy Dancer 23h
SuckuLOW trying to equal with UkraineScheme & is now attacking the . UP he ain't the potus !! !
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Liebish Sama 21h
Replying to @susanovans @marcorubio
Namely, 's backers funded the
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Amazing Adornments Jan 24
Grassley Letter Asks Whether Taxpayers Paid For Russia Collusion Hoax Something is not quite right at the Office of Net Assessments
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(((Chaim Israel))) Jan 23
Cyber Expert, Behind A Report On ’s Alleged Hack, Was Paid $4 Million To Verify
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Lrry Keho Jan 24
Replying to @CBS_Herridge
None of the Page warrants were properly vetted. None of the should've ever been put to the court bc it wasn't corroborated at the source by the FBI. That's what the Mueller Rules/ Woods Procedures say. Add in that the Papadopoulos stuff was all a set up by Brennan.
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Roy Shapiro Jan 22
DNC and The Clinton Machine did solicit a foreign national and was covered up by Comey
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Peter Jan 17
Wonder if it's the same people , that worked on the and said it was legit, who went against Barr?
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Jason Shankel Jan 24
Let's fight fire with fire and start referring to the Steele dossier as "perfect."
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LeoJewels Jan 18
Dear world: just because something has not been proven true doesn’t mean it has been proven false. is a liar
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