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Trevor Barnes Nov 20
Secrets from the Polish archives on key agent Michael in my article in Nov 2020 Journal of Intelligence and Cyber Security. The top Polish intelligence officer was spied on by the and his agent wife, but defected with valuable secrets.
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Joining theDots 2h
These are tactics
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SCIS Risk Management Nov 16
Replying to @LittleBoats2020
Biometric ID cards for arrivals, but for citizens it would be the final nail in the coffin of freedom. Having identity docs is one thing having a one size ID card for all citizens would in our eyes be like Big Brother on steroids! Addrs the cause not just the symptom. esq
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Article 1066 Nov 19
Replying to @dwightd6
So we'd better all start switching off our Phones when going anywhere then
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Rollenberg Rudy Nov 22
My door note for Christmas.
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Ivana Tucak Nov 19
"House 18" of the headquarters. It was the service and supply center. There were dining rooms, a conference center, a department store, and a row of shops with a hairdressing salon, travel agency, souvenir shop, and a bookstore.
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President Elect Booth-Royde-Smythe 🇬🇧🇺🇸 Nov 16
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Joe Soap Nov 22
The “We know what is best for you” culture is rampant in every walk of life in our society, even the way we should think. In the seventies we were shocked at life in Russia and look at us now!
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OTD Nov 19,1937 aka Tania born. compatriot. Rumored to be trained, controlled honeypot.Not on t-shirt
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Beverly A. Pekala 8h
Here's a biz opportunity. Document those who are documenting.
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Jeff Nov 21
So Cressida Dick says her officers won't be knocking on doors and counting the people eating the turkey on Xmas Day. I should think not. This country is not a police state, yet, although it's starting to remind me of my time in East Germany.
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Lord K of R53shire 🇬🇧 6h
Filmed in the Soviet Republic of Droitwich with the Covid Stasi representatives. #
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🇺🇸 🇨🇦 Paul Oakley 🇬🇧 🇮🇪 Nov 14
Replying to @JamesDelingpole
When did England turn into East Germany? I must have missed that meeting
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John Davis Nov 20
Replying to @BreitbartNews
They never signed up for
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David Lewis Nov 15
it's the
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5teenagekid dad 4h
Replying to @science_first
aha see force me! thanks took 3 texts for your true light to show!
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Jason The Argonaut Nov 18
nation. Google "Stasi". Gutfeld on the new COVID restrictions via
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Bärsärkargång Nov 19
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Andrew Russell Nov 15
Replying to @simondolan
The did nothing wrong, they were walking away.
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Compliance should not be a one way street 🇬🇧 Nov 15
“Yes we can lift them when it's safe to do so, which will be primarily when large numbers of people have been vaccinated.” Labour called for emergency legislation that would see financial & criminal penalties for a continued failure to act, and said they would vote for it
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