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Star Trek May 15
: Picard will stream exclusively on in the United States, on Amazon in more than 200 countries and territories and in Canada on Bell Media’s and OTT service .
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Mark 🔥 May 16
This set pic gives us a better look at the uniforms for : Picard. Seems to be an updated version of the DS9/VOY uniforms with TNG style collars and the badges from 'All Good Things'.
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Star Trek on CBS All Access 40m
25 years after ended, a new chapter begins. starring is coming soon to .
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Kate Mulgrew May 21
Question: What do you consider your greatest role? Answer: I think you know. It changed television, the first female captain. 🖖🏻♥️🚀
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Kate Aurthur May 15
Replying to @CBSAllAccess
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TODAY IN HISTORY: May 23, 1994 After seven years, "Star Trek: The Next Generation" concludes the television voyages of the Enterprise-D in "All Good Things...," the series finale.
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IndieWire 55m
: 'Picard' Teaser Trailer Gives First-Look at Patrick Stewart — Watch
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javi grillo-marxuach 3h
today is the 30th anniversary of the series finale of “star trek: TNG”. with all the talk of finales today, here’s the only one i would say not only stuck the landing above all others, but was also a better tng movie than the ones that followed.
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Daily Dose of Trek 🖖 6m
"Commander Saru is a political asylum seeker and a Starfleet officer, protected by the Federation." "You would risk the lives of your own people for one Kelpien?" "This Kelpien is our people, and to defend him, I will do whatever I deem necessary."
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Star Trek 16h
What alien species would you want to be a part of?
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Emerald City Comic Con 42m
😱 We are here for all of this
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Hollywood Reporter 56m
Patrick Stewart's : Picard' trailer reveals character's new life
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TODAY IN HISTORY: May 23, 2001 "Star Trek: Voyager" comes to a conclusion with "Endgame," the two-hour series finale.
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POC Culture 39m
First teaser for the new series Picard! 🖖🖖🖖
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Marcelo Córdova 2h
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Alex Perry 48m
Amazing that the trailer drops on the 25th anniversary of All Good Things, particularly given the strong symbolic connections between the two...vineyards. Such amazing respect for the history of the franchise. So encouraging about what is to come!!
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Dan the Man™ May 14
I’ve finally accepted that is my absolute favorite character in all of . I’m reluctant to claim favorites in anything, but Spock… man. Any incarnation, any timeline, any actor - it’s Spock. He has been, and always shall be, there for me. 🖖
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sizemore 37m
Fingers crossed the new Picard show is basically Sideways in space. “If anyone orders Merlot, lock onto my coordinates. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot! It tastes like the back of a fucking pre-warp shuttle craft.”
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derJOgelle⁹⁰⁰⁰ 12m
"Things are only impossible until they're not!" Oh Captain, my Captain! WELCOME BACK! 🖖
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