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Charles Paladino 55m
Will the way was elected shape future EU politics, as writes? In the past days made green & social commitments, suggested legal initiative 4 EP & to solve the process. I’ll judge her acts not her past.
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Stefan Gran Jul 16
Replying to @TheProgressives
And giving up your promises to support only a . So please, don't promise anything anymore. Won't believe it.
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Gerardo Fortuna 22h
Replying to @gerardofortuna
She added that she understands that MEPs bear a grudge after the killing of the process, but that it is also necessary to work with political groups to convince them and formulate the working program accordingly.
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Parliament Magazine Jul 15
has also responded to , promising a , fresh start on , improving system & extending deadline among others. For the full letter:
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Adelina Marini Jul 16
Replying to @AdelinaMarini
This compensates a great lot for the system becoming obsolete
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European Free Alliance May 15
We‘d have appreciated to be in the debate tonight to about our proposals for the Unfortunately, our SK is facing an unfair pre-trial detention in ES and his civil rights have not been protected so that he could be present.
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“Our family commits to the concept. Only a person can be elected and that one must be Spitzenkandidat," said, speaking at the headquarter in Brussels
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Márton Gyöngyösi Jul 16
In my address to I blamed ditching system for fuelling and . Her nomination runs contrary to building a democratic, transparent and credible . Bridges should be built btw institutions and voters, not burnt down.
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EPP Group Jun 26
Great to see so much support for the lead candidate process. We're counting on you!
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Florian Schoppmeier Jul 16
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Mattieuro #FBPE 22h
Replying to @AlynSmith @vonderleyen
I like how she comes across. Was disappointed by abandonment of but tbf she has received unanimous support of 28 democratically elected national leaders & now a slim majority in the Parliament. Certainly beats the process by which Boris will be crowned on Friday
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Alice Stollmeyer May 26
Highlights from Germany's : the Greens come SECOND 📉 AfD is DOWN compared to 2017 ⛔️ no effect: in Weber's native Bavaria, CSU scored its WORST-EVER EU election result. ⛔️
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Felipe G. Santos 19h
Great defeat for EU democracy. did not participate in the contest or the EP elections and she has most likely been elected thanks to votes from the far-right. is happy to tolerate their votes and their policies as long as it can grab power.
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Jon Worth Jul 2
The only positive about is she’d be the first female Commission President. But that’s it. 👎 Not a 👎 Fidesz claims they brokered deal for her 👎 She’s bland and charisma free (like Weber in that respect) Over to you EP to show this isn’t good!
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diego velazquez Jun 24
I know he was no stricto sensu, but at least he's got a good story - and he has visions for the future. And this can put and an abrupt and easy end to eternal fights for topjobs
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Andrew Duff Jun 20
Merkel wants to strengthen system by having transnational lists by 2024. “We are now halfway. If we also add transnational lists, we would get a transparent process. But we are not yet at the point which I would like to see”. 1/
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Giorgia Bozzini Jul 2
Chapeau to 's master play: - system is over - Lagarde at - His fave candidate took - His group took ?
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Hélio Pires Jul 9
Not sure how the can call themselves supporters of European democracy if they allow themselves to be bought into supporting , who was nominated in a backroom deal, as if the European Parliament was a mere formality.
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EU-Logos Athena 8h
Replying to @EU_Logos
This can be explained by the fact that der Leyen is a less known political figure and was not part of the system. The three mainstream groups, EPP, S&D and RE voted predominantly in favour of the nominee whereas the Greens have majority voted against. 4/4
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Henny's tweets Jul 15
Please do not vote for today! We the voters do not trust that puppet on a string! She will bend for dictators from Poland, Italy, Hungary etc etc! Choose a
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