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Susan J Witt 9m
Let go of people that make you feel small. Let go if you feel like you need to apologize for being Love and Light. Shine BRIGHTER!
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teleSUR English Dec 26
"We are very concerned by the attacks and how they were made. This is a gross violation of the of ," the Russian ministry of foreign affairs said in a statement.
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Julieta Rossi Pedrosa Dec 15
It won’t be valid for Brazil🇧🇷. President elected Mr will withdraw my beautiful country from this absurd Pact.
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SG Jan 14
Replying to @_MarkDouglas_
Trading decisions taken by me without any interference from others and so am I solely responsible for the outcome.
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Data tracked. 17h
Have you voted in GE's? There's ur consent & agreement, I'm unhappy that it's that simple too, but probably not as much as you. It is absurd to think that we don't make our own laws, govern ourselves or have . Good Friday agreement for example. Ironic isn't it? 😉
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zenlan Jan 17
Replying to @Herring1967
She sacked a democratically elected and popular Australian govt and replaced them with the opposition as caretaker govt in 1975.
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Sepicorp GC's and FM 58m
For those suffering from anxiety and loss I offer you two things, this helpful graphic to identify your current phase of grief, and , the blockchain project that is redefining the and our financial and
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Martin Guest #FBPE Jan 14
Replying to @FarLeftHate
It's called . Do you remember that word?
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CB 7h
Replying to @JamesCleverly
He’s becoming a joke now. We can’t go into negotiations where the people you’re negotiating with know your weaknesses! He wants no deal taken off the table! Well he’s lost my vote from now on. Unforgivable! This is GB!
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Liana Dec 20
America First
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Howard Vanderverk Jan 12
Replying to @AmericanIndian8
Mongo not understand. Please explain. I know the two words are different, but what’s the analogy?
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After Burner 58m
have no place in the running of the We're more than capable of running our own show The is just a very costly layer of bureaucracy that serves no useful purpose Waste of money better spent at home!
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Robyn Lawson: Itisahwâkan Dec 27
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Claire L Hart Jan 16
Basically we are ruled by the so much for 🙄
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Some Body Dec 14
Same process as for UK PM. Elected by Parliamentary majority. (UK public didn't elect Cameron, or May, & certainly not QE2, nor any of the Lords or other "noble" landowners. And yet... "", "", "" etc.! 🤦‍♀️ =UK version of ).
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Brendan May 6h
So, Knighthoods for those who agree to change their views & suddenly oppose ’s on . But no peerage for the Speaker making sure the House asserts its right to save the country from economic ruin. Yep, makes sense. What a government.
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Robyn Oxley Jan 7
Replying to @anyasaravanan @3CR
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Kevin Dunbar Jan 15
say they represent the People & respect but over-rule with the People are giving back to them, after voting to leave the , Politicians say they respect the result, but want us to stay in the EU & turned down a Deal?!
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Andy McIntosh PT🇬🇧🇦🇺🇳🇿🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇲 Jan 15
Replying to @__Ranen__
There was and still is country first it may be hard but we can do it
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Jay Bauer 3h
Militarized Dems hellbent on taking over society they own the and most major institutions now tearing down what’s left Heaven help us Pray to God
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