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OxBreastfeedingSupport 1 Jun 18
The invites YOU to take part in their on July 1st. Money raised goes towards our & the Family Room's on Tuesdays. Please enter, it & come cheer on the day. Thank you!
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OxBreastfeedingSupport Apr 2
to us! Thanks so much to our wonderful regular volunteer Pat for helping out every week and also for bringing this incredible cake to our session this morning in the . You're a treasure, Pat!
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OxBreastfeedingSupport Dec 2
Tomorrow is our monthly antenatal breastfeeding session from 12:30-1:30 in the at . Join us to find out how to get off to a great start feeding your baby (or how to get back on track after a difficult start). Partners & older children welcome.
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OxBreastfeedingSupport Jun 11
Thinking about doing the but haven't got round to signing up yet? Registration closes on June 21st. This is our Charlotte (OBS facilitator) at last year's event. It's OBS's biggest fundraiser of the year!
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OxBreastfeedingSupport Dec 10
Our first education session of 2020 will be Tuesday, January 7th from 12:30-1:30 pm in the at . For information email with your questions or just come along.
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OxBreastfeedingSupport Apr 12
We're closed next week for our annual . Our last drop in before the break is TODAY at . You can contact your Midwife or Health Visitor for help with feeding. We're back Tuesday, April 23rd at the
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