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b.robertson Mar 16
Replying to @Keeks220305
😅Her grandpa was a supporter. Could be why her and get along so good.
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Lars Pellinat 4h
Replying to @SeverusSnape58
, I got it wrong! ; )
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~*~ 7h
he's a Youth
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Andrea Gerák Mar 16
Replying to @ceuhungary
This makes no sense: Why do you expect political commitment from Govt, when your boss is working openly against it?
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Fellow23 Mar 17
Replying to @DiamondandSilk
waiting for a pic of Strzok and its out there,
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Tora Joy Harper Mar 15
Replying to @AOC @SURJNYC
You come across as racist. puppet
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Deplorable Flamoutch 3h
The marionnet from speaks
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Maaz Kalim 11h
Replying to @Sernermo @mehdirhasan
On what??? That he cordially shares the "" hysteria and/or is suspected to be secretly palsy with ""? That he persecutes minorities, keeping the dissent in chokehold by steadily removing checks & balances and "interestingly", a number of his fan[atic]s support Bibi?
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Calin A. 🇷🇴 🇪🇺#FBPE #Rezist 16h
This is typical attitude for THIEF!! ALWAYS SPITS WHERE HE KISSED!! accepted when they were paying! After, he started hating them! 🐷 accepted money from Mr , as a scholarship, now he attacks like a hyena!
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The Truth Must Be Taken Mar 19
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FOLAS Mar 18
Replying to @ManfredWeber
Are you a pro-migration puppet? Greetings from 🇭🇺😎
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Dolphingirl26 Mar 19
I’m sure is paying then well
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Big Lou 10h
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Nancy Vandeventer Mar 20
Replying to @charliekirk11
point. -of-controlChildInTheHouse. Probably pays the bills. Soros said Obama was his biggest disappointment. is new blank slate
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Loyal MAGA 9h
Nnnnnaaannnccy reports up into now through
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Mr. #DevinNunesBovine Feld 3h
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Soros United 8h
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OccupySydney Mar 18
The PR seems to be working, NZ PM channels the ghost of John Howard's gun-buyback written by and the UN's .
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Dennisametal13 Mar 16
Replying to @AOC
Someone is paying you well to be a propaganda Puppet
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gadgetface Mar 18
prob gets sponsored by . They want us divided on race and gender. Dont expect them to respond. There mandate is micro transgressions from whites. Whites whites whites everywhere
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