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Frances Weetman Aug 23
why are so many Corbyn crank accounts like "I am a loving grandmother, socialist and care about everyone equally EXCEPT THE LIZARD PEOPLE CONTROLLING THE WORLD'S FINANCES "
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Firearms Lawyer 5h
A civil war unleashes forces of chaos that play into the hands of totalitarian collectivists on Left and/or Right. That is why funds agitation & violent protests. It’s the elite fueling anarchy! We must pray/gain discernment to see through Satanic strategems.
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Brian G. Powell,M.S. Aug 24
Who's paying you now ? Still ? So "" are the good guys simply because they say they're anti-? No they're not The extreme left IS the same as the extreme right--they both end in the same totalitarian controlled box--they both end in
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Juan Keville Aug 23
Replying to @gemmaod1
BONO: Where The Streets Have No Shame. He did a great job of enriching himself in , but, not much for the ... Now he wants to enrich himself off of a led , but, as we can see not much for the ... Feck off, ...
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Bob Loblaw Aug 24
Replying to @Franktmcveety
UN interference in Canadian domestic policy.
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Dr Pedram Private Arctic Maritime Surgeon Aug 23
What does it mean for spy ring in USA? . .
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SwordAngel Aug 24
fighting for arh arh, yep a pay packet, cos pays us.
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gicu permisivu 🇹🇩 Aug 24
I've seen this in Romania: human chain, mobile lantern, "democracy" etc. What was all about? Well, nothing but ' organizations, progressives/communists trying to dismantle state's authority, constitution etc. Sorry, I don't believe in this "protest"
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Jason Bermas Aug 24
The Death Of David Koch And The Soros Alliance
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WereldPijnCafé Aug 19
Nelson and his good friend Georgy Schwartz (George )
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Catherine Aug 19
Replying to @PrisonPlanet
Why does she look more and more like George ?
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Lazar中根Garsijanović Aug 24
How come gets away with funding while gets villified for building a wall?!?!
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Richard Aug 23
Replying to @rob_sheridan
Can we respond the same way when your master dies?
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WISER Northwestern Aug 22
Grad school not only help support you, but also help your lab support you! Come hear from , NSF , and Paul & Daisy fellows TOMORROW (Friday!) at 3pm in Ryan 4003, Evanston campus.
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Φοίβος Λοξίας Aug 18
Is sponsored by ? Google it, read from various sources and form your own opinion.
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Hanief Haider Aug 23
. took it upon themselves not to recognise Zuma presidency well after Concourt decided on Nklandla. It was in late 2015 Zuma started questioning long held beliefs about neoclassical economics. It did not go well with the power elite in SA nor UK nor USA.
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Jaime Carrasco Aug 18
Replying to @Timcast
Why is MSM always absent from sponsored events?
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Les Dunaway 19h
Replying to @marklevinshow
Well, let's see - regular paychecks from , payoffs from , ... It adds up
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Akshaya de Groot 🌻 Aug 23
Tired of blaming and ?? Here are some good alternatives. Feel free to add the Mercers or Bannon ;–)
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elinor leal 14h
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