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C O L E E N 2h
'Twas a game well played.
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Ron Allen Jul 15
Replying to @BarryinIowa
notice how O’Hare airport is not part of my trip?
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Scott Chamberlain 18h
Newman needs to be back at leadoff REAL SOON!
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CHESS Jul 18
CHESS is still seeking donations for our first clothing drive Sept. 9th-13th. Donations can be dropped off at either CHESS location at PNW CLO 216 (Hammond) or TECH 341 (Westville). Questions: 219-989-2272 or Legacy Foundation
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Shawn Lon Jul 18
Replying to @cnnbrk
Starting a War before Muller Testifies 💩
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Scott Chamberlain Jul 18
Air conditioned theater watching the . Good choice! I need to see that flick as well. 👍
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Michael Pahl Jul 15
Training employees for the future.
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Airtel Zambia Jul 15
Are you still using a feature phone? Why not make that switch from feature phone to Smartphone and enjoy more. When you make that switch, you will enjoy 100% extra data and with K10 worth of any bundle, you can enjoy extra data. Dial *575# and select option 2.
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Nacsport Jul 19
offers a complete end to end system for coaching teams. Analytical tools to suit every budget & sport, a rich paintbox of graphic effects to enhance videos & a dedicated platform to share your reports with teammates.
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Ludo Leaf 🍃 Jul 19
Replying to @MetPoliceEvents
Brightly coloured Boats. Terrifying to the judgmental and the reactionary. Climate Change. Not a problem. Got it. 🤔
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Ju Zang Jul 19
Replying to @captainrajata
Some may say it's too early to call, but if you have studied Beyology you'd know this is a perfectly crafted work & timed drop. Oscars, G.globe, Grammy are in view. She doesn't care if it sells, she is after the accolades. 2 albums going into the Grammys
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Nacsport Jul 18
“The freedom to customise workflows means I would recommend to all coaches to achieve the insights you really need.” Víctor Mañas
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Parker Person Jul 16
Hey I just read that AT&T and IBM are forming a partnership to bring their businesses to empower networks for the enterprise customers in a multi year alliance. for Team IBM and Team AT&T.
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Cary Emerson Jul 18
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Nacsport 24h
3 reasons to make the to -We’re constantly introducing new features that drive sports forward -Global team of real human support experts -Licenses that last a lifetime, not 1 year! Download your FREE trial today @
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Mufasa 📷☯ Jul 15
You all say Seyi is a fool but he is trending.
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CHESS Jul 19
The short list: 24 books, each under 200 pages, as recommended by TED speakers
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Ocoee Police Jul 17
ANOTHER WANTED WEDNESDAY CAPTURE! She decided to turn herself in at the Orange County Jail! . @CentralFloridaCrimeline
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Brendon AM Gilhooley Jul 17
Replying to @GraceRandolph
Lol maybe they woke up and through we ain’t able to handle the hate given already none the less what will be said in the Q&A panel hehe 😂😂👏🏻
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navy dog Jul 17
Replying to @BillOReilly
Spotlight his racism to show how radical the left is in denouncing racism.
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