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Laci Kent 27m
Hey how do you know Brittney (Guthrie) Ziemba?
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Tim Johnson 4h
Just had a really nicd conversation with mother, who wouldve known
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Sharon Canavar 4h
Ah didn't realise you were part of it. This library is HIF's, which we purchased for the community + ably built by Graham. It's part of a wider literacy programme for the community launched for our litfest.
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Louise Swindell 2h
Replying to @alexadamson
Oh amazing! My friend is in this! ! Will have to come and see you both!
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Rae 2h
Came to Metro Honda to take the company car in to get serviced and I run into an old friend from high school who works here.
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Conshy Bakery 3h
Hey...we know him!
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Simon Booker 17h
What’s the chances. - chance meet 5:30am at
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Meg Quisenberry 2h
When you’re over a thousand miles away from home and meet someone from your hometown
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Tokn Squirrel 14h
WHAT AN AMAZING STREAM! I ended up with 3 raids tonight, super randomly! Then, to close out my night, I did my own raid! To a friend of two of the people that raided me! Made huge gains tonight on my path to Affiliate. Thank you all so much! Spreading the love 2morw
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Fairy Godmother Ally Oct 20
Replying to @shomac28 @boab76
It is indeed
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Margaret Files 20h
Replying to @TwistNHook @CalBand
I was there last Friday
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Mr Tom Youll Oct 20
Yeah he told me this also.....
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neal benford 14h
Replying to @OJDBROWN @carolyn_hitt
Do you 2 know each other?
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πŸ¦† J u l i e πŸ¦‹ Every day's a 🎁 53m
Awwwww look This is my friends hubby visiting your 🐝 xxπŸ’—
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βŒ– πš‘πš˜πšπšπš’πš›πš• 4h
I been friends with this dude Chris on Xbox for almost a year and I just found out we work at the same hospital & he’s one of my regulars & he doesn’t even know it. πŸ˜‚
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Julie Cuddihy Oct 20
Replying to @Rob_Deasy
That’s Tom’s cousin’s son!
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Mistress Lux 3h
When two of your favorite subs start talking and realize one dated the other’s sibling in high school. πŸ™Š
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L.Hawley 4h
It’s amazing what information you find out about students by simply asking. I asked this young man his name, only to learn that his aunt is one of my college classmates! 🌎🀝 🀳
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Georgina Edwards 8h
Love trying to relax on holiday..... ended up speaking to someone from Yorkshire who turns out to be a DT teacher (who then procedes to ask about my A-level coursework) πŸ™„ and then I find out he knows my house tutor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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LMack Oct 21
It has been a day of revelations
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