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ういろー 1h
REQUEST I’d love to see NAVIGATOR by SixTONES! Its MV is spectacular like a movie teaser. ❤
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zzz✳︎2vote 49m
REQUEST NAVIGATOR's MV is like a SF movie with a beautiful night view of the imaginary city of , and they dancing in an inorganic space is a bit mysterious, like a dark hero in a movie. I'd like many people to see it!
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悠海💎🎖vote2Ⓜ️📺 11h
REQUEST SixTONES is attractive for its beautiful harmony and cool performance. SixTONES will release their third single "NEW ERA" on November 11th.This song uses the unique Japanese instrument "Koto"🎶 💎NEW ERA🌟
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ʞ❍ų______T💎 2h
REQUEST Thank you for playing SixTONES on MTV! Please play Navigator next!
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OK Asia 🎧 on WXOJ103.3FM 4h
🎧 09.26.20 Friday @ 11:59pm(est) WXOJ103.3fm 'You & I' by
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Aya 🌸 10h
REQUEST Please play "NAVIGATOR" by SixTONES on FridayLivesteam. Their dance performance is very cooooool and the MV's CG is wonderful. Pls check out "Imitation Rain" & their upcoming song "NEW ERA"
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さくら 1h
REQUEST My request is NAVIGATOR by SixTONES. This song is opening theme of anime currently being streamed in USA too.
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tena 16m
REQUEST I’d like people worldwide to watch SixTONES amazing MVs, JAPONICA STYLE, Imitation Rain, and l NAVIGATOR before release of new song NEW ERA
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hanahanabi 28m
REQUEST     YT Japan in 2018 proposed SixTONES for YouTube Artist Promotion campaign, the 1st for Japan. Becoming “The New Generation of Digitally Unleashed Johnny’s”, SixTONES began propelling forward and soon in 2019, their debut was announced.
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りん 2h
REQUEST All their songs are so wonderful. 💎SixTONES💎 Official debut song : Imitation Rain NAVIGATOR NEW ERA (Will be released soon)
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