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🚨 Barnacules Nerdgasm 🚨 7 Jan 19
Not everyone likes me, but more importantly not everyone hates me... Right? 😉
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Daniel Pepe Apr 14
I must not be Italian then.
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Queen La_Doosh Dec 13
Hey....Merike fans how is ylu people doing 😋🤣 Pls forgive our girl,it's not her fault.U know Willie Willie is born abroad&its normal to call Bae to every lady..ROTFL . Mercenaries stop lookin 4 trobu ooo. If I hia Bae&Boo again ernnn.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Asgardian the Medieval King. Igodomigodo I. Dec 26
Replying to @nosaalways @kikimordi
The sense in this reply is unparalleled
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Rachel Potucek Oct 19
A rainy fall morning in KC with a cup of coffee and the makes me a happy gal.
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Asgardian the Medieval King. Igodomigodo I. Dec 15
GPS dashboard enabled cars are legal in Nigeria right?
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Pauly Denetclaw Mar 25
Oxford comma? Don’t know her.
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Dawn Gervais - BeyondTheGrave Investigations Dec 31
Replying to @dawnegervais
Then there is me... 😂😂😂
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⚜KAREN⚜ Sep 27
Life has a funny way of humbling you evil hearted heauxs!!!
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Sips Coffee... @ Bronx, New York
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Reid, Tomaz 23 Jan 19
Saluting all real ones on this planet or☝️there.. words from pac to wayne, and now me:
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🔱🔱🌹Mandy❤️💜 Sep 11
Replying to @Royalhi89560519
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Dideoluwa 23 Dec 18
Replying to @TherealDayve
Shebi you go soon dye yours too 😂😂😂
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Abubakar Shamte Dec 16
Replying to @OfficielJules
😄 wow. Just had to risk it all. Let me get my morning coffee and watch this one unfold. ☕
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Maryam Says.. Feb 23
I'm scared of going to bed before I wake up to a totally different story 😩 We die here counting.
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Adrianne Chalepah Sep 30
Replying to @Nataanii_Means
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Seipati Matsie🇳🇬🇿🇦 Oct 5
Replying to @IretiolaDoyle
I will soon open a bank in my house....the charges are sickening.......
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Sonnie Boi Aug 28
dead ass seriously tho ! 💯😈🚬
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Glenegedale House, Isle of Islay 11 Dec 18
do the best blackpudding and haggis. We love fine china it always feels so much more special. I also am feeling the same as the breakfasts hit the dining room this morning 😂 hope to see you enjoying a breakfast here soon.
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Simon Johnson Aug 15
Replying to @KelvinB__ @LennoxLewis
Freedom of speech is a real thing my friend ☕️
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