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Hailey Schmidt Oct 20
Some days, I teach in person all day. Some days, I teach online all day. Somedays, I do both. On my online days, I have to find the silver lining of sitting at my desk all day. Yay for moisturizing socks!
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MurderousMaho Oct 19
I have always struggled with my love of rain, because it always meant a day missing from work. Now I can enjoy it with no anxiety or worry.
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Jo Renfro 3h
Here are my three panels for the SCBWI Narrative Art Award with the theme . I went for humor (shocker)
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Adriana Matzke 21h
My mask sure helped keep my face dry and warm for the 10 minutes it took to brush the snow off of my car!
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Polina Gortman 🎨📚 Oct 20
Here's my submission for the for this year's theme .
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Simon's Avon Experience 5h
It isn't always easy to find the good in every situation, but, if you can learn to do it, it's something that will make your life that much brighter and full of positivity 🤗
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Captivate Publishing Oct 18
Replying to @OfficialRX_
Sorry! That stinks but now you have more Twitch time!! ?
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🇵🇰AntiSocialElephant ذیشان🇮🇪 Oct 20
Miracles of modern science. Cutting my nails while attending online lectures and tweeting about it!!
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ShutUpAndListen Oct 19
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Carol Clark Oct 17
“Mrs. Clark, I’m glad my mom forced me to talk to you and also how do you have so many good ideas?”
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the truth Oct 19
Replying to @GRogow @AAndriotis
All of that staying at home and saving money... is allowing people to pay off debt. !
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Mary Samplaski, MD 23h
Moderating for - one of the presenters just said that a of a virtual meeting is that his mom (& grandmother) can watch a 10 minute video of his research... so true & so sweet!
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Rachel 18h
If I ever get murdered or go missing... I hope it is enough that will cover my story on a Murder, Mystery & Makeup Monday
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Dave Oct 20
Replying to @OfficePainter
The upside is that if you continue at that level, no-one will expect anything else.
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Peter Hartman 15h
Replying to @JKnoxy82
I was hoping someone would ask. Pre-covid: 84% Currently: 89%
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Anti trump Oct 13
Replying to @protecteyes
There is a for phone use.
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silentHcindy 14h
Still no electricity... Guess I'll go to bed early for a change 😴
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Patrick Dailey 16h
The stage is now set for Kershaw to choke this one away now.
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Cathy Peek McEwen 5h
Looking for a ? The phase 1 reopening includes free livestream performance of Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 on Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. (But can also go in person.)
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Dan Bourassa Oct 19
Replying to @chelseafree5
At least you both will make your baby shower now.
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