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Wendy McClelland Mar 20
How one priest destroyed the Mayan language. THIS is just one example of how destructive the church has been throughout history.
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Toad Mar 26
Replying to @CatholicSat
is he hoping they kiss him somewhere lower? you know like his priests like?
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TT Jul 20
Replying to @MattWalshBlog
The scandal is not the predatory sexual behavior, its the Catholic church reassigning the priest who committed pedophilia and systematically covering up the incidencts...u want to make this a sexual preferrence issue, its a Church leadership catastrophy!
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Wendy McClelland Mar 19
If you still support the church you are COMPLICIT in this abuse. Your presence in the pews, and money in the collection plate both say "I'm okay with raping children."
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Wendy McClelland Mar 13
Replying to @vinctee
This is the one bible I will keep - the one that made me an after 50 years as a .
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Absolute gutless man, doesn't deserve Australian citizenship.
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Doris Dear Oct 17
It is time to put down the ring known as the . Enough is enough. They knew all along this was going on. Abusing CHILDREN! they hid it and protected the clergy.
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Jason Ernst Jan 31
Replying to @APCentralRegion
We’re talking thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of Catholic priests in the US alone molesting/molested children. This is one of, if not THE largest, child abuse sex rings in our history. What is our government going to do about it?? Unacceptable!
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