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Ed Hawkins Jan 13
We’re going to be updating soon with all the 2019 data. Also going to try and add social media sharing buttons. Anything else people would like to see improved?
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Sophie Alexander Jan 18
I finished my blanket tonight, and it’s already been met with enthusiastic approval. Now just to add a border as soon as the cat allows it!
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Clare Bryden #FBPE🕷️ Jan 15
Here's how the average annual temperature changed in England between 1884 and 2018 From by Now
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iamreddave Jan 16
2019 world heatmap from 1850
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Katherine Duarte Jan 17
Annual average temperatures for Norway from 1901-2018 using data from Berkeley Earth
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NORD Jan 16
NORD is issuing a decree: ! This campaign takes its cue from the zebra known for its distinctive stripes. NORD is asking everyone to show their stripes in support of the community leading up to & on 02/29. More:
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Brooke Hueper Jan 15
The first photo is Oregon and the second is Alaska (both of my homes)
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Ranee Jan 15
Go try and see how hopeless your country is.
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Nora Salland Jan 14
Replying to @ed_hawkins
Yes that would be great, even if the time series starts later! Thank you for your work - I included the UK timeline in my first presentation of my PhD project 👍🏽
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Szymon Hołownia Oficjalny 15h
Ta grafika pokazuje zmiany średnich rocznych temperatur w Polsce w ostatnich 100 latach. Nasze dzieci za parę lat zapytają, jak w realu wygląda śnieg. Bo na razie widzą go głównie na filmach. Musimy zacząć działać. Zmiany klimatu - to fakt, nie pogląd polityczny.
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Keith Reynolds Jan 17
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Matt Robbins Jan 15
Replying to @MattRobbins64
Global warming stripes from 1850-2018. Obviously also from
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Svale Fossåskaret Jan 17
The persuasive (apparent) simplicity and popularity of brilliant seems to me somehow to signal a point makes in : "we need to be more aware of how, for many people, the visualization is the data”.
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Joanna 11h
Replying to @RareDiseases
Just tried searching the tag - apparently it's currently being used by climate change people. Maybe we could/should change it in order to avoid confusion?
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Jeff Berardelli Jan 15
Just updated for 2019 from Global Warming Stripes.
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ks. Maciej Słyż 11h
Ta grafika pokazuje naprzemiennie czarne i białe paski.
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Andrea Mazzarelli Jan 16
A little early but we need ALL the Awareness we can get 😊
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Cambridge Global Conversations Jan 16
Updated 2019 edition. Get yours at this remains some of the best datavis / comms work to date!
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Our Lady's Bower Jan 18
Replying to @OLBAthlone
3/3 Rebecca Lowe - August Winner (call 1516 306 012) Lines close midnight, Wed. Jan. 29th. The very best of luck to all. 🏇🏊‍♀️🔫🏃‍♀️
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Sebastian Berndt Jan 15
Another year, another dark red stripe added.
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