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Syeda Adeena 22h
So I have been quite into calligraphy... and I tried to come up with some artwork! Feel free to lemme know how it is =).
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Rania Al Masri Apr 18
As Balochistan bleeds high-time to not just black-list but also imprison ASJW, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba and all other spineless sectarian terrorists stoking terrorist flames setting Pakistan ablaze and stop genocide once and for freaking all
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🇧️abloo 5h
A mosque vandalised in heavily populated metropolitan city of . Holy Books including Holy Quran desecreated by sectarian elements. Why is it norm that Shia,Ahmadi,Christians,Hindu religious places are targeted repeatedly yet State took no action against culprits?
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Despicable duped yet again & cancels to meet victims of blast.
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Mohammad Taqi Apr 17
’s darling threatening to chase or wipe out every single
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Shia Missing Persons Movement Apr 9
Pakistan must sign resolution to stop enforced disappearances reported by LEAs in Pak, 150 shia from Pak including 50 Shia from Karachi Enforced Disappeared by LEAs without any Court arrest Warrant, this is huge number before ever, Govt Silent on Human Right Violations
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Mir Mohammad Alikhan Apr 12
I tell you as a , as a not as a , DO NOT let this incident create a sectarian divide amongst us. I see a lot of making it a Shia issue. Crying for a human life makes you a Muslim. Crying ONLY for a Shia or a Sunni life makes you a bigot
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Shah Hussain Syed Apr 17
Strongly condemn the brutality in Balochistan where innocent killed and Balochistan govt is seen nowhere but I think is helping those terrorists to do their shit smoothly.
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Tara of Ireland التارا 20h
This 2012 article by on magical claims that the old stories are still the best. They are certainly as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago. But take from it this: "Shia religious leaders do not want a sectarian war"
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SAMRI Apr 11
cleric Allama Shahenshah Naqvi: Islam doesn't allow women judges because women, like children, are fainthearted and can't be entrusted with tough tasks. A woman judge might acquit a criminal who starts crying as she can be easily swayed by his tears.
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Sheikh Mohammmad Abass Apr 14
From to all those who were crying over r now silent on killing of 18 People in their own country,just because they r . Now In Pak🇵🇰 Humanity seems to b about sects as attack on 's is treated as routine now.
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Jaleel Hussain Bangash Apr 13
Yes...... This will continue because we are and so called minorities
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King Cyrus 7h
“Weakening ” is just disenfranchising and trying to impoverish them via . After they protected from by the way. Disgusting US/Israel/Saudi sectarianism whitewashed by idiot foreign media
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Shia Channel News 15h
Replying to @rajnathsingh
INDIA: 🇮🇳 The Quint: Will Rajnath Singh Secure Lucknow’s Shia Muslim Vote This Time?.
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جہا نگیر Apr 16
History Of Violence: By Asad Rahim Khan — are killed because they are . We know because their killers say so. Around a hundred years ago, emir Abdul Rehman declared war on the Hazara people. The emir’s armies killed, raped, and enslaved thousands of hazaras
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Hakeem Apr 12
Replying to @MirMAKOfficial
If it was an attack on brothers & families in the morning, who were the targets by this evening? My question is for those bloody hate spreading sold out souls and so called HUMAN RIGHTS activists. They find a place to hide whenever something comes to nullify their FILTH.
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Syeda Sakeenaسکینہ Apr 14
May my Life offered to all of who are being attacked, blasted on only reason for being Muslim. To them all, Your Pain is our pain,You Live in our Hearts, the oppressed people of & Stands with You..
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SAMRI Apr 15
Karachi police arrests 6 militants including a policeman belonging to outfit Sipah-e-Muhammad who were allegedly involved in the killing of 50 extremists from 2003 to 2019.
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Md Shafi Khatana 19h
Not to worry little brother, Your big brother is here to keep your trail clean of the blood of like the way we are doing for
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NaiNika Apr 17
If you wanna talk about , Look closer to home: , persecutions. Go con someone else with your “peace” & equality nonsense! 🙂 Tariq jameel on
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