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AmericanUnited Apr 12
It'stime to give some of her own ! She's opening our eyes to what is all about. I worked at the 911 attack site for 8 months. I saw it all. She's a real scumbag.
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On Freedom Road 1m
@ , the heart of Islam, is in fact a government system. They first establish mosques in every town and city!
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Brewster 5h
Meanwhile in Britain Medieval head scarfs and veils we are changing our culture and laws to encourage and facilitate and the oppression of women
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C. Noenaim Apr 18
Thank you so much 😊 I really appreciate it. God bless the people entrapped under , may God set them free.
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Maryam shariatmadari Apr 18
Sadaf Khadem, the Iranian boxer, cancelled her return ticket to Iran. The Islamic regime issued Sadaf’s arrest warrant after her victory! Apparently she didn’t follow the ’s dress code during the match! They beat, imprison or exile women to overpower the people.
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David  Benjamin Apr 13
Reading all the tweets about today. She got ejected because Obama put 70,000 Somalia’s in one area of MN. She is an anti-Semite. Her words about 9/11 R disgusting & vile. I’m not fooled by her. She wants . Don’t be fooled by her.
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Andy Barber Apr 11
Replying to @IlhanMN
You are most certainly NOT an . You don’t support our values, or our people. You have an agenda, and that is towards spreading far and wide and killing the infidel. You don’t deserve the office you hold and you owe an apology for what you said about #9/11
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4tuna8 Apr 17
Please, please and please... Speak not of the without knowledge.
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ابو رميساء 4h
This is for you!; now somebody will think ten times before committing such attrocities.
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Ebrahim Abdirahman 🇸🇴🇰🇪🇪🇹 Apr 10
Replying to @Omar81362671
The rapist has to be stoned to death in that way the crime will decrease and nobody will dare force himself on someone's daughter Needs
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Hal Donahue Apr 19
Extremely true these bills are nothing more to than efforts to establish
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FreeDawg 22h
Replying to @Liz_Wheeler
Pure Evil
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WickedSharp Apr 18
They were welcomed from Iraq and Somalia. And openly practice . Prove me wrong. We wont have any takers on that Charles
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kandilconsultingllc Apr 18
Replying to @MercuryWhy
Because this was the last time she was going to by . No in . Say no to .
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kandilconsultingllc Apr 13
Replying to @dkandildesigns
Because instead of ... it's welcome to .
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beastsoftheball Apr 18
Could you imagine any other group but muslims requiring their representative body and the judiciary working together to describe how they should comply with the law? Muslim concept of justice =
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Maryam shariatmadari Apr 10
Nasrin Sotoudeh was my lawyer when I got arrested for protesting against forced hijab. Nasrin hasn’t chosen to wear the hijab. She has several photos w/out hijab. Why some western org. don’t care about millions of muslim women who are suffering of misogynistic hijab & ?
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🦁☀️Alirez608🇨🇦 Apr 17
Replying to @SMohyeddin @IlhanMN
Oh, wait... according to , hijab is freedom and the empowerment of the women, right?🤔 Oooohhhh, I get it now... that is not the case where is observed, i.e. Muslim women in Islamic countries! How enlightening!😆
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Don Mashak 12h
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