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LuckyMomIAm Feb 11
Replying to @seanhannity
She's not sorry! She just RE-PHRASED how she hates Christians, Jews & any other person that doesn't follow Islamic law on Apostasy. Islam TEACHES that apostates ARE to be killed; historic Islamic documents confirm that i.e.: Caliphs, Caliphate
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Chanakya🌍🎆🎇118موشا 解脫 Feb 14
The in the are so confused that they bat for in but when they get an opportunity to live under Sharia & experience its beauty of chaos, killings, lawlessness they realise that man made laws are better than God’s 😂😂
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Fiscally Responsible IL StL Card Fan Feb 12
Replying to @TheBreckWorsham
I've been saying that since it came out! who hate & value the & over the have NO BUSINESS being elected to ANY governmental office. !
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KeyBoardWreckingCrew Feb 14
Replying to @melby_kyle @ABC
And yet two of them support . Go sit down.
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Rajesh 17h
"Abdul Rashid Ghazi" Anybody takes a weapon against India should be eliminated immediately without taking any time... In my point of view, public execution of such culprits (As mentioned in the ) could be very effective...
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Howard Bowling 2h
Good God, is lost. Have they approved yet? If not, soon.
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Watchdog Feb 15
Who is shredding the by building a voting force of (, & advocates)?
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💋wildlotusgirl Feb 15
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Jan 17h
Replying to @kci2013
Unfortunately, no lol. Make sure to hide your and avoid practicing law while in their presence. They don't take kindly to shows of multiculturalism.
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Andy Barber Feb 14
Replying to @AOC @IlhanMN
Oh so you support her and her support for ? Gotcha.
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On Freedom Road Feb 14
@ , the heart of Islam, is in fact a government system. They first establish mosques in every town and city!
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KeystonePig Feb 15
Replying to @555ft @Newsweek
is ok bc under there is NO . The “Church” IS the State.
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Book of Katherine Feb 13
for a reason. Adopting and changing to their ways, turns your hospital into a 3rd World hell hole. But a throne for the way: hate
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Singha Feb 17
Replying to @AJEnglish
Why not kill them under , being war criminals. US is operating in sharia induced countries any way.
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tamie joeckel Feb 12
Replying to @RashidaTlaib @IlhanMN
Hey - I heard "MF" loud and clear...saw you say it in front of a child. That's about all it took for me. I hear you. Both. I see you. I know what you mean. I see you pandering to the sheep who don't bother to learn the truth. There will be no in America.
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[NCLT]sapper128 Feb 12
Replying to @Alyssa_Milano
Im sure you're about to have plastered on your twitter. Better cover that hair. ?
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Swamy Feb 15
Criminal statement by so just or apply on him to reach heaven then he can enjoy with angels
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Jon Harky Feb 16
The same people that are against wants the Christian version of Sharia law in place
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GoddessLola 5h
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Charlet Faye 13h
Is a disgrace to our American institutions. It's fortunate for you, @IIhanMN that is considered barbaric in the . Go run your mouth in the you left for your right to be free and civilized, you coward.
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