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Natasha Fatah Apr 16
Men laugh as woman is caned in public for having sex outside marriage in Indonesia
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Misko 6h
Nice to see good 'ol Matt is keepin' busy.
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Mark Davis 1h
Profoundly disappointing indoctrination from one of network TV’s best shows, . I don’t care if Dembe is a Muslim; I do care when a clergyman tells him “is about preservation of life,” and refers to his personal struggles as “jihads.”
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Sheikh Ziyad Zayed Apr 20
Replying to @AlirezaNader
This is how Muslims do . They see others as a slave with no rights. They can not digest that many people do not want law. When it comes to looting and embezzlement by Mullahs, they turn blind eye on that and say nothing.
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Abdul-Basit Haqq Apr 19
“You cannot enter in business that requires the abuse of workers to make a profit; to not pay a livable wage; to break unions ... this is against our .” -
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Leslie Anne Apr 19
Replying to @LadyRedWave
The indoctrination of our young people into believing somehow this is 'cool' is really disturbing. It's a display of the suppression of women not as a Muslim in general but certainly oppressed women who R forced 2 live under law which is totally against what we stand for!
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Hafiz Hamza 7h
Fact About Northern When white men came to Northern Nigeria with their short trousers, they found northerners with their cap,gown & long trousers,also with their administrative,social, educational,cultural,political, norms & values as well as legal system of .
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Replying to @JackPosobiec @lsarsour
It’s the thumping, anti-Semite, anti-American, terrorist appeaser who should be banned! From the US & sent to one of the 57 compliant countries where she can freely practice her violent, oppressive & misogynistic cult.
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Rashmi Saini 7h
Plz help with !
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oneofthecannibals Apr 20
Replying to @BreitbartLondon
police by any chance?
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Afthab 14h
1/ I've been screaming from the bottom of my lungs. No one ever gave a damn. The barbarians are here at our doorsteps. Islamists have been brooding and breeding. Cut ties with loving un-democratised countries, they are no friends. First the Christians, then the
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Laxmi Narsimha Rao 19h
Church trying to convert Hindus in India. Your brother religion Islam invaded and started imposing . Church save your people first 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Diego 18h
NetherRealm will make of a politically correct game under . I won't buy 11 neither allow it in my home. I was a fan from Snes days, now this game is part of Cultural Marxism.
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shelteringwind Apr 20
Always belonged in Denmark, As stated clearly always on my profile, trollnutter. Just wait , till you wake up the Danish reality with 7% , whom 70% believe in according to latest survey. Would be same in . Well, you probably got more?
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karen heckler Apr 19
What century is he in? Minnesota, Florida, NY look at what is.
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Tony McBride Apr 19
Replying to @Petedavis1
Why is there a burka on the statue? Stop law.
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🇺🇸 Common Sense 🇺🇸 Apr 15
is caned on a public stage as a delighted crowd takes pictures, after she broke law by having outside wedlock Where is the people??
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Col. Rob Maness ret. Apr 17
The only thing Dangerous here is the left wing media defending this political Islamist by trying to make her the victim. We say no to supremacy in America. Period.
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Thomas ن Apr 20
'Quoting Islam's sources: ''O you who believe retaliation is prescribed'(2,178) Sharia: There is no retaliation for: a Muslim who kills a non-Muslim. A father or mother who kills their children or grandchildren (honor-killing).
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Wendy McClelland 5h
Read this thread. The foolishness of .
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