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RJ Arundhati - BIG FM Jan 10
Neha Is Not Sorry ❤️ She Is Blessed 💃 @927BIGFM
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♡AT May 28
Finish this statement: I can't stand when people ____. (Answers may be used on an upcoming , feel free to DM answers as well)
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Breaking De Silence Apr 9
Depression kills faster than HIV.....Be courageous enough to speak out. You are not alone in this.
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White Dress Project May 24
We are breaking the walls of silence, one story at a time!!
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Letty-Mikaelson Jun 21
guys stop the hate this comebacks. Honestly without Red Velvet I wouldn’t be alive today. There was one bad night I was fighting my mental health and cuz of You Better Know I stayed alive. And cuz of how I feel for Irene I’m alive. Respect RV at least.
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