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Jonathan Dunne Apr 22
Hey , you have the Justice Secretary in front of you and you don’t ask about the maIn story?? You could do with a primer from . Just so as you know, the Criminal Justice System is collapsing and barristers are on strike. .
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Shobha Karandlaje 17h
Divide & Rule is doctrine How is it that you are CM of a state like Karnataka from , a national party .... First, You tried to divide Karnataka socially & religiously & now you attempt to divide India into North & South
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Lolo O'Clock💚 Apr 23
This is shameful. America. I will pass this on to my friends around the world. I will call on all of them to boycott the US. A country still marred in blatant & disregard for human rights & dignity. 🖕🖕🖕
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Natalie Dack Apr 24
Replying to @AlderHey
So if I starved my child I'd get done for neglet, but its apparently ok to deny alfie evans nutrients!!!!
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TAJ✨✨ Apr 24
Stooping so low for publicity both of u need to bhve proprly all dis bloody shit which ur pet PR is spreading not acceptable any more what sort of exmple u n ur psyco sister r setting here lik Vella, behave urself if nt quit twitter 👎
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JennyinRingmer 28m
1 asian gut (idiot) on the 00.05 train from London Victoria to Lewes last night, punched a white male passenger in the face just because he wanted to take a seat next to him! No need for it, the man was polite enough.
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TDP Srikalahasti Apr 18
According to ED, sold shares of Bharathi Cement to Parficim @ Rs.671.20 per share & obtained a wrongful gain of Rs. 416.20 cr, apart from retaining 49% shares & u Support him ?
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Top Gun 31m
will you also please reveal that how much compromise your daughter done? How you felt that time? Being an actor and father of actress you support this cheapness? Disgusting 😬😬😬
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xoxo Apr 22
FAMILY VALUE: 5.5 Lies a Day, History of Mistresses, Rape & Sexual Assaults. "God Tells Us To Vote For Trump!" "God Tells Us To Vote For Moore!" American Evangelicals!
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✨Ivy✨ Apr 20
Replying to @ivy_sawka
Also literally everyone in the anti protest was a white male. Uneducated boys who are being inconsiderate for the lives that were lost in Columbine’s school shooting
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Claire Anne Apr 23
UHHHH WHY WHY WHYYYYY are you still airing a commercial with a young girl saying "I'm not doing dairy this week"???? We should be encouraging young girls to have healthy bodies by drinking milk and growing up to be strong! Seriously, I don't get it.
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swamy 15h
Replying to @sardesairajdeep
So what did you do Not communalising khatua?! Of course they don't hv jagarnM But they are jihadi sly operating thru agents like you
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Lauren Hayes-Clarke Apr 20
IVF app allocated out of the blue & & want to charge £365pp to change destination because of Zika! Original ticket cost £530pp & new destination is cheaper to fly to, how can you justify this?! My choice: losing this money or chance to be a mother
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Tenn Girl Apr 25
, who has a painting of himself standing next to Jesus hanging in his home needs to read his Bible Prov 14:31- whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God.
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TMC For Tripura Apr 26
Dear the words you used against shows your mentality. We dont need your advice, better you concentrate on good governance, thus far you have failed to deliver. We strongly condemn your shameful behaviour.
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Emma Guenigault Apr 25
Replying to @NestleCerealsUK
This is such a poor response to the real issue at hand.
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Lesley Burch Apr 20
Replying to @billbirtles @peta
Disgusting! Australian wildlife should be withdrawn from overseas zoos where care is deemed substandard, Tennoji Zoo Osaka is also atrocious
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❄ Apr 23
So finally you accepted that you abused my father. 😂😂😂
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ᒍEᖇᔕEYᑕᖇᗩIG #ImWithJoy Apr 20
this is who you will go down in history as. You will be spoken of in 100 years as a propagandist. Much like the propagandists of the Nazi regime.
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Chelsea Hawkins Apr 24
Alder Hey will stop at nothing to make sure Alfie dies before his Supreme Court Appeal with three new judges tomorrow at 3 pm BST. What are you hiding ?
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