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Shaheen Baghs Jul 29
Character of protest would ensure that many more would have felt its transforming touch. Shaheen Bagh is now a reference point, a dream of the possible, a revelation of potential to which, irrespective of text books, history can keep aspiring
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Jagrity Sablok Jul 30
The women of betrayed !
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Indian Muslimahs Aug 3
Nothing can be more insulting to women who have fought to save India's secular basis for citizenship than to call them puppets To brand such actions as anti-national is nothing but politically-motivated to conceal role of ruling party leaders
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Avinash Srivastava Aug 2
AAP's corporator confessed that planned the with him in order to teach H'indu's lesson, being angry over abrogation of , & . 'Saifi' arranged & asked 'Tahir' to do something big during 's visit.
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Crusader Sudhir 🇮🇳 Aug 2
If AAP Tahir Hussain, Umar Khalid, PFI, Jamia groups were involved in planning Delhi riots, Do you really think that CM, Amanatullah Khan and their machinery were not available to them? , money trail for Kudrati Biryani, Jaafrabad Metro Station protests hold the key
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Ismat Ara Aug 3
For a person without any formal education, a shopkeeper in Shaheen Bagh used the word “fascism” repeatedly in his comments while talking to me. Asked about it, he said, “Fascivad hi toh hai na ye sabb. Bachchon ko maarna peetna, logon ko mazhab ke naam pe baantna.”
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Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj Aug 2
I remember during the initial days of outbreak of I made a joke on protesters as they weren't leaving. Ohhh the way I was hounded. And now that very breed is celebrating coming positive. Not as joke but bloody serious. Leftists are SICK
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Know The Nation Aug 3
From doublespeak on , playing a minority victim card to blaming BJP for riots - Aam Aadmi Party did everything to shield their party member , the mastermind of AAP's statements are enough to expose their communal mindset & riot-politics:
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Sunandha ThamaraiSelvan Aug 3
Gentle reminder notification from 'Karma' platform. It's been only six months since violence.
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prafulla ketkar 🇮🇳 Aug 4
The real face & intent of Anti-CAA protest & the so-called
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Ankit Nilawar Aug 1
Swara Bhaskar to Deepika Padukone right now...
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Debarghya Bhowmick Aug 2
Replying to @djdebs17
•Khalid Saifi was entrusted to provoke individuals. •Tahir Hussain was entrusted to mastermind weapons, bottle, Acid. •Khalid Saifi masterminded . •Saifi had asked Hussain to do something enormous during Trump Visit. (2/3)
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नरेश चौधरी 🇮🇳 🚩🕉 Jul 31
Replying to @ANI
Or aurat k liye Islam m srf hai or mrdo k liye Namaz 😂 😂 😂 Was founder of Islam sexist,?? Iran m ladies singer bhi ban hi nhi blki jail h direct 🤣🤣
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Jagat Singh Choudhary Jul 31
Great decision by . the destroyer of Delhi. His Government is always anti Development. Failed to operate . Couldn’t even clean drains. He and both r behind . They couldn’t manage Corona
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Ajay Aug 4
Does that mean they will treat corona virus as godly
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solution is within the problem 11h
Replying to @cruelanu @RMCpost and 9 others
mullah lost Mah war against dawood mafia & corrution moment he bestowed ayyash dawood lover corrutipion Knig bharat ratna & not acting on has once again ruined Sanatanis 500 years back
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Your Awesome India (YAI) Aug 3
Do today's Dilliwaalas least concerned about riots know that they wd not have bn allowed to live in delhi for 5 centuries unless they converted or paid horrific taxes (some cases giving up children)? 0 temples built. Short memory or no knowledge?
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Nasir 🔴 Aug 2
never hurt any innocent soul, He didn’t steal a persons citizenship or play politics on it He didn’t use the women of for petty political votes He never encouraged hate, or spread animosity among communisties in India 🇮🇳 lord will be fair to him
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Marx Aug 3
Today when Modiji was talking about , I was remembering and .
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BeingHumanES Aug 3
No Right Decision at right time taken by Mr.!He was very busy in hoisting ; Taken time in purchase of MLAs in a coup involving in toppling of Govt.,wit the help of Traitor ; &busy in , 👎🏻
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