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Sandi the Swinger Jul 17
 ask you : Does the thought of... Giving your partner a turn you on? Let us know ;)
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Sandi the Swinger Jul 10
: Does the thought of... Vanilla sex at home but not in your bedroom turn you on? @
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Zolex facts Jul 11
This girl is crazy oh See what question Nigerian Music ★ star is asking an old man inside a car. This girl bad oh. But the man give am correct answer no shame
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Serena J Apr 21
Why is it that sometimes women in movies/tv wrap an entire sheet around them to walk around in after they have sex, even though they are in their own place? Surely putting an oversized t-shirt on is easier.
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Cripping up Sex with Eva Jul 15
Someone just asked me a question! See my answer now on Crip Qs!
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Sandi the Swinger Jul 13
asks interesting : Does the thought of... Bondage where your partner is tied up turn you on?
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Know the right solution for your problem !! Download our app and get the answer from our expert Dr. LeLo -
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Alice Little May 28
Have you seen my newest YouTube series called Ask A Sex Worker? I answer all your burning questions about sex, communication, connection, and intimacy. Check out my video where I answer what my favorite type of condoms are!
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Ashley Dannielle Mar 22
What’s your biggest fantasy?
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Justin Lehmiller Mar 24
Debating the truly important questions with friends at the bar this Sunday afternoon: what’s the minimum number of participants required for a sexual event to count as an “orgy?” Inquiring minds want to know! What say you?
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Lardy Revenger Jul 3
I have been striking out at the bars, lately. Is the Pee-wee Herman Oscar the Grouch combo too intimidating?
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AliceLittleTV May 28
Want to know my favorite brand of condoms? Watch my new YouTube series Ask A Sex Worker to find out! What your favorite condom? Tell me in the comments!
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The Science of Sex Sep 14
Ask Dr. Zhana your sex questions! Next week we’re recording another Sex-Question-Palooza where we answer your sex science questions. @ us your Q’s.
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Weird questions about sex are fine. 🤗 But do you know the answer to all 5 of these common questions as told by a sex educator? 🧐 Article by
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Rachael Bland Aug 9
We’re recording next tomorrow on Dating and Intimacy @GIRLSTOLELONDON We have a sexpert from to answer any questions you have - I know it’s been a big topic for a lot of you who’ve been through cancer treatment. Send your q’s
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Loveology University Jul 15
Sex-Ed Teachers Reveal the Funniest Things They’ve Ever Been Asked How did they answer with a straight face?!
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Carrie Newell Jan 28
Why is it that wanting to lick some kind of syrup off a cock is such a turn on? I mean can you imagine how many licks it would take to clean it off??
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The Science of Sex Oct 4
What a threesome! Joe, Zhana and sex science superstar, Dr. Justin Lehmiller. We talked about his new book, "Tell Me What You Want: The Science of Sexual Desire and How It Can Help You Improve Your Sex Life."
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Phallosan Forte Jul 15
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