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Rebecca Jackson 28 Nov 10
Im terrible with $, if you are too check out the TwoHomes budget tool for
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Illinois Sixth Dems Feb 22
# Migrant children are still being separated from their families, Texas nonprofit says
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Press Sec Spicy 🎙🐦 May 24
: Funny how only seem to care about when them can use them to make look bad. still not located all them lost with the thang that & restarted
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Mary K Young Jul 28
Glad are still getting press. ‘Deleted’ families: What went wrong with Trump’s family-separation effort
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Rob Reardon ن 29 May 18
You’ve seen the headline - 1500 missing immigrant children separated from their families - read the facts & respond. via
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Melody Jackson Jan 15
Replying to @CNN @senatemajldr
this is insane! in the rise... hates hates hates...speed hate..hate.hate... all just
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