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lesley handyside 1h
You ‘fell over’. All is ok because this means you are still young. When you’ve ‘had a fall’ you’re old
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brown mahila 2h
colleague: i'm funny in korean but not so much in english me: yeah, i'm also funny in hindi both of us: hmmm, english is our xml
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Myrna 🎮 Jun 20
“Been waiting my whole life to hear ‘Star Gentle Uterus’ in English!” It…was already in English? 😅
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Allen Y. Tien MD MHS 51m
: Is it better to ask questions that support working together or questions that polarize? :
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Tim Baumgardner Jul 29
Replying to @SarahKSilverman
There were more than 37 mass shootings in America just this month.. Probably over several thousand in 18 years Sarah...just saying.
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Jake Williams Jun 8
At the Heathrow airport, a sign says "you may be required to undergo a body scan for your safety." Whose safety exactly? Surely not mine in that case...
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Monty Nishimura Jul 5
Replying to @AOC
"95% of scientists do NOT agree on climate change" -- so, stop the with your games. you're a
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The Tatted Teacher Jun 11
I love extra credit (I know a lot don’t), but this year I’m gonna change the ‘name’ to activities because that is really what they are... matter...perception matters 👍🏻
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James 59m
Replying to @RonCanniffNFL
It’s correcting grammar when speaking...this is more like pointing out a spelling error.
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Emily Barlean Sep 16
Does anyone else call frozen pizza (like Tombstone or Jack's) "cardboard pizza?"
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teeny belter Jul 29
the preview of my musical u all wanted !!!
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✨NewYorkCityNurse™ 🇦🇷 Apr 18
so when you know the truth but don't want to get caught in a lie, you say.. "I cannot confirm or deny"
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Brian McLaughlin Jun 4
Hey ... just because I never ask for directions and drive my wife nuts on roadtrips doesn't mean I'm "lost" ... I prefer the word "delayed"
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Lora Aroyo Sep 18
Submit your papers (abstract 7-Oct-2019 & full paper 14-Oct-2019) to the & Track (held in Taipei, April 20-24 2020). Details for submission at .
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Fantasy Author Aug 22
People say I'm nuts, but I think I'm more of a legume.
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Nikki Turner May 16
Can I add 'award winning author' to my bio? I mean technically the awards were for dance but I still won them and I'm an author so 😂
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Pier Luigi Buttigieg Jun 27
Aligning strategies needs solid . Is a microbiome a microbial ? A community?
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Nyabinghi Djehutti Sep 18
Replying to @LambWithGuns
What is it then, whitepeoplitalism? What ever you want to call it, it's exploitative.
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Nick Fleisher Aug 9
Teaching a seminar on questions this fall, thinking of framing the strong vs weak exhaustivity handout around this tweet
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The Dude Sep 17
Replying to @chrisbergPOVNOW
it's all word play!
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