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$@UcE🌺🌈🇺🇸✝ 4h
Now the MSM can finally stop asking if she's gonna run third party!! Err wait,🤔 is there such thing as a fourth party? .Awe man, ...Here we go in 3, 2, 1...
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Joe ✊🏼🌹 3h
Strikes again. is a sell out. Who’s family is making millions from corruption so he can watch our democracy die. Disgusting.
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OzSense 5h
Replying to @den2114
Where was all this before from members of the National Party, they should of spoken up well before all this happened ...all this dickhead has come out and said to the farmers telling them to sell up and find another job
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chappo Nov 9
What is all this pop shit? does not rock anymore
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Faheem Jakoet Nov 10
Don’t celebrate with the Boks and talk about how winning the RWC will change and be good for our country if you support other nations. 🇿🇦
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Pat Wilson 13h
Replying to @theblackcrowes
I read the tour is being sponsored by Gordon Gekko
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Cutehoor Nov 4
No response Catherine no? Risen above responding to peasants have we already? If this goes through,further gifting OUR to vultures,you nothing but a disgrace. Ill have more respect for the Donnelly snake. At least joined the gang. You pretend to stand for something else
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IamMommaT Nov 3
Some assholes remind me quickly why I didn’t miss Twitter - can fuck off
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Everyone Hates Chris Nov 10
Tell all those money grubbing season ticket holders who sit in Sections 106-120 this?
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Charles Finley Nov 9
Replying to @RealCandaceO
Yes, all of those fools "SOLD OUT!"
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Mansa Musa Nov 6
France steals 500 billion USD every year from Africa but our leaders are the ones facilitating the loot
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Joe Galliani Nov 4
All that fucking pollution and climate killing every hour of every day. Where is our bullet train running down the middle of the freeway? Oh right, the people in charge are by the fossil fuel industry.
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Cutehoor Nov 10
Nothing social about ye. Name change required so soon. Gas craic
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OurRevolution Nov 8
Replying to @JMooreBoston @AOC and 6 others
All that's left to say is and fellow
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Drew Lehman Nov 9
Replying to @IsaacHayes3
where’s the Diamond & Silk hustlers? They are soooo pathetic
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Nicholas Pack af 'fili ness Nov 5
TELL ‘EM. Steroids change your brainwaves. Your every collected thought for the rest of your life. Your long term health. Not just your aesthetic bums!!! Worst drug you can get involved w.Half y’all juicing gonna drop dead at 50 for abusing your body. Get life insurance
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BorderAthletics 🏟 Nov 5
Australian Summer of cricket, January 14th Aust play a Odi game in Mumbai, and February 21st Odi game in Johannesburg, Good traditional Aust cricket venues.
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C S C Nov 9
I can't believe sold out to . You have disgraced Scott Weiland.
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FreedomPopRadiO Nov 8
To the robotic , and ; Grow some balls, air something of value & report something of importance. on + the
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J. Supertramp Nov 8
Replying to @DonaldJTrumpJr
That you are as FAKE as they are?
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