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Tommy Jul 13
(Jazz) Hands down. Definitely Sony!! is a class act. Although Gurley was faster...not in 40 yrd time. Talking about chasing those Benjamins 💵. His pen 🖊 skills were second to none.
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AotearoaAlec Jul 14
Has Fonterra diversified yet? With the Westland Dairy Co-Op now being taken over by China (another one), China now has control of 30% of NZ Milk going straight to their front door, bypassing the middle man (Fonterra) entirely.
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Άγγελος Θεοδώρου Jul 8
I can't donate/sub on twich so that's the best I can do 😅
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Spicyvirginttv 59m
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DC Sommer 17h
Replying to @LindseyGrahamSC
How does it feel to love power more than your own self, Lindsey?
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Llangiwg Primary 5h
A huge thank you to everyone that came to watch our first show of The Jungle Book this afternoon. We couldn’t be more pleased with the performance. One down, one to go!
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P-IN-P Jul 14
Replying to @joshtpm @TPM
would be apt non-PC response ?
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ArtPdx 18h
What happened Lindsay?
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Andrew 16h
Replying to @MikeCarlton01
A very average intellect who wants back into the game.
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🌊D🌊•●➽UNtrumpΦΦ ~☆~ follow plz ♡ 20h
is without the art, friendships. #$ellout
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Zambia Fresh ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jul 11
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Brody 17h
saw you on CNN😂😂 NOW!
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Nwankwo Kanu Dave 5h
Replying to @GeoffNorcott @BBCTwo
Such a lovie these days.
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Mahdi Al-Islam 15h
Replying to @ACTBrigitte
I guess you're not fond of Lebanese cuisine. Frankly you don't know what you're missing. What a shame that cultural diversity isn't your thing.
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Lemon Jul 13
britta with perfectly curled hair... Kappa
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Christian Sullivan Jul 12
This is some BS Why do you hate us? What? Now you gon’ replace with Mr.Pibb too?
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Joken [Week 2] 5h
Going live with GTA V LETS GO! Also if you haven’t already, put them notifications on my Twitters as I post funny stuff kthxbai. If you wanna show it off, post it here ;) Link:
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Towelliee 14h
GN ALL! Cya in few hours for a long 16-17 Hour Mythic First Day Bonanza! Our guild may not be apart of the race but we will make it fun as always! Also AT2020 Amazon sale...fucking insane
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Scrummy Dave Jul 15
Replying to @SenToomey
You lost your voice on education when you confirmed a billionaire political campaign contributor as the Secretary of Education position.
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primality Jul 14
Replying to @SpeakerPelosi
The donors you love are destroying the planet.
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