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Kaptain Krunch, Esq. Oct 14
Today was not a good day. Tomorrow, I will perform my new hit, Proud Boyz in the Hood.
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Anytime Fitness Minooka 6m
Coach Joe is such a “sell out”. Check out our retail shelf and ask a coach what can help you Make Healthy Happen
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The Sunset Podcast Oct 17
Reposted from on being labeled a “
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Whatdidkentweet 21h
Replying to @irishrygirl @tedcruz
I suppose it's not hate or contempt when the POTUS brands people with nicknames, such as "Lyin' Ted Cruz"? I guess my 'hard-left view' wouldn't have agreed to that, let alone succumb to the man saying it... You're no better than lindsey graham.
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𝑅𝑒𝒾𝓃𝑒𝒟𝑒𝐿𝒶𝒱é𝓇𝒾𝓉é🗣💋✊🏾🗽🕊 Oct 16
BREAKING: This is why Ice Cube has become a to the cause of uplifting Black People. His CWBA is a ruse, IMHO, right out of an Orwellian nightmare. READ 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾
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GageSSH 2h
Thanks to the amazing generosity of people who have watched my stream for the past year, we just recently unlocked the 7th bit reward emote. Here's all the bit reward emotes I have now, just because I wanted to show them off in a cool graphic.
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Collin Oct 14
Replying to @desusnice
Hope she sees this bro.
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William Oct 17
Here's your chance to feel like the League of Legends' best and win an exclusive Secretlab OMEGA Worlds 2020 Prestige Edition chair.
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Baritor 7h
We are live! Exams are done and we are back! Stream! 1 SUB = 20 PUSH UPS! Come on through! (Click the link - I know you want to) Retweets always appreciated!
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CDT Oct 15
Replying to @ejeancarroll
Who was the "plant" behind Trump on the right that shook her head in agreement with everything Gump said?
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It’s Good BBQ Oct 18
Apparently Bathurst was on today. Nice for the early mark! @ It’s Good BBQ
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Throw It Under The Bus 🇨🇦🇫🇷👀 Oct 16
looks good there but the is missing too
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Justin Oct 18
Replying to @GamebredFighter
Get a new act! Colby already has this one.
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Lawrence Szewciw 14h
EWxJF had great songs, but it was all about ‘s voice & vibe! Fab performance with meeting 07/17/19 @firstcanadianplace, best wishes Jamie! - PS new song is 🔥🎶
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Umar Sa'ad Hassan🇳🇬 22h
I used to respect Segalink a lot but that is in the past now..Even if the protests are being used against government,is this government treating Nigerians well?.Guess its true what they say; everyone has a price.Why else would he want to protect this 'dear' government?.
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Arcelia Camargo Oct 13
Replying to @McDonalds
He shouldn't be promoting unhealthy food to latinos!Latinos! What a shame!
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👑✊🏿King Jaxson-Wakanda Forever👑✊🏿 Oct 17
Replying to @icecube
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Douglas Penny Turner Oct 16
. Please get your head checked. You are a traitor to this country. Where's Hunter?
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Pdosky Oct 17
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nfd is your next move boy
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TTaylor 40m
Replying to @RealDLHughley
This Ice Cube bullshit is cemented around his own personal self-interest. It doesn’t have anything to do w/ blacks as a whole. The timing of this so-called humanitarian need to help black folks is suspect. Cube is a sellout slave for Trump. He’s gone bat shit crazy! !
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