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Hope Springs Eternal 44m
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Way to call attention to Ken Starr concluding you've committed a crime
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Justin Stone 2h
Dow drops more than 150 points on report 'phase one' trade deal may not be completed this year Why do the financial markets not understand that pOtUS is a charlatan and doesn’t actually make (good) deals? He’s one big incredibly unreliable
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john taylor Nov 18
Replying to @piersmorgan
Mighty strong words coming from someone who also lied about meeting a high profile pedophile.... 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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marmu Nov 15
Protip. Do some research. You might be shocked to find that the hearings are being conducted using rules established by the GOP - and Schiff is following them as prescribed. I call it a , others call it
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J. A. Ebberts Nov 17
Imagine thinking this transition is somehow a net positive.
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The Sweary Headteacher Nov 16
Mulling over whether to go to a gig on my own or surrender to a house of illness. It’s one of those see them while they are still alive bands. I’m aware neither above sentence shows me in a good light.
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Sean Doolittle Fan Nov 19
Replying to @GregAbbott_TX
Maybe they did market research & discovered bigotry was hurting their brand. So Greg comes out against free markets!
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Andrew Spooner 🥄🥄🥄🥄🥄 Nov 11
Errr, that clip is from you on a TV channel which, at the time of your appearance, was owned by one of the billionaires you're railing against.
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Angelina (No My Name's Not) Libby 6h
Ah, the always delicious .
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The Indefatigable Tweetle-Dee ☘️ Nov 19
Texan GOPers with a strong . Way to go Texas!
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DLAFO Nov 15
Apologetics: claim Christians are not split on something, then go on to explain that they are, going on to give biblical references.
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The Unburnt 🌋 Nov 18
Actually she’s my neighbor and told me you’re a clueless tool. 🤣🤣 jail huh? I figured you for the type who has no regard for the law.
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🐯 🆃🆈🅶🅴🆁 Nov 18
Umm... Normally when you get a full body x-ray you can see a mans testicles in the image. that and if this is an *ahem* official image of Trump as they claim, 'dem hands way too small for dat body.
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Heidi McDonald for Hire Nov 15
Yes, please sir, continue explaining to us what mansplaining is. 😂🤣
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Zoltar Nov 14
Replying to @Annhatestrump @Acosta
First, I know you are but what am I? Second, thank you for conceding Acosta’s book sales were awful.
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Jg 16h
Replying to @RepAdamSchiff
And they still havnt.
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Laundromat Confessional Nov 13
Nunez: Isn’t it true Ukraine backed Clinton? Taylor: Trump said Russia was fine with invading Ukraine. Ukraine got pissed! Nunez: But can you confirm the President’s widdle feewings got huwt and wanted wevenge? Taylor: Ummmm...
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Michael Bowen Nov 14
Replying to @pickledpuffin
"I've created the need for ALL the foodbanks" When oneupping goes bad...
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Dan Kilby 🔪🐝 Nov 13
Today I witnessed someone offering 'unknown music recommendations' and the first one they said was Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
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Occupy Headspace™️ Nov 14
God ... don’t they vet these speeches before he gives them?
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