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Keith Campbell 2h
Replying to @louiseminchin
I thought she only worked 9 ‘til 5??? Has she got a long commute or dogs to walk first?
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Eric Raskin Jan 19
Three rounds in, Badou ain’t doing jack. ?
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Jon Badalamenti Feb 4
Has MSNBC staRTed terminating ppl yet? 😉
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Danny Gokey Feb 3
Burger King spent a whopper of money on that?????
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Mark the Free Agent Feb 2
I’m gonna be for tonight! Oh, and it’s a Saturday night!
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sally lockey Feb 13
Replying to @QueeniePrior
Hey dude! It could be worse ;)
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Jon Ey Feb 10
Replying to @davidragee
Don't think I'm quite there nyet
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Dr. Andrea Ramsey Feb 2
I’m always aiming for quality repertoire so it might be tricky to make it happen, but this year I hope to include at least one white male composer on every concert program I create. 😉
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Kristin Sullivan Feb 7
Replying to @ShellyParr_Kile
I love that you go to so many events 😂😂
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F1agg Σagl3t0n 🇺🇸🦅 Jan 23
Replying to @deathoftheparty
Every time, I die.
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Norbert Sykes 4h
Replying to @donmoyn
I don't blame Amazon. But for pols pulling their econ dev pants down sniff of interest from anyone, Amazon wouldn't have created this competition. My favorite are states that use econ analysis firms with no economists to project impact and justify incentives.
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𝕸𝖀𝕹𝕯 Jan 6
Replying to @RodjXXX
Bloody hell!!! The creativity really flows on her, no? lol ♥️
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Mike Jan 8
Replying to @dramabookshop
These guys will go down as some of the best people in history. Book it.
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Christi Feb 10
Good for H.E.R. 👏🏻👏🏻
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AddedOnDrivel Feb 13
Replying to @Scotwriter
That’s some name. He’s going to get a heck of a lot of bottom references made about it…
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Cassidy Davis 3h
I don’t know when I became such a Cardi fan, but I like it like that 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Jayé Toler 17h
Replying to @jschln1
I heard about that restaurant. On the back side of it... they can only cook eggs sunny side down.
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Collin Feb 9
Replying to @ItsWhit_22
You are so weird.
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Garry Llewellyn Feb 10
Replying to @StarTrek
I know what you are thinking
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jaminah muarip Feb 15
Replying to @jaminahmazing
the kind of disadvantages early adapters have to go through... *sigh 😉
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