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Roxana Martínez Nov 17
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PamelaR Nov 19
Replying to @rebeccaballhaus
I heard Mickey was registered in Florida AND California.
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Tim Mackenzie Nov 18
I wonder how many of the small companies that volunteered to make PPE at the start of the pandemic that the government totally ignored, would still be in business if the ‘Spanish £21m’ had been distributed amongst them instead, they would have actually earned it too
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Dr Ciara Fitzpatrick Nov 18
£150m spent by "Ayanda" on masks that *could not be used* by the NHS. Enough to mitigate bedroom tax, benefit cap, 2-child limit, provide a best start grant, cost of work allowance & provide additional disability payment for benefit claimants in NI for 12 months 😨
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Steve Darch #FBPE Nov 22
Replying to @nigel_roberson6
I managed the energy procurement for government and a major energy supplier and there are robust and comprehensive procedures in place to prevent chumocracy and cronyism but this government ignores and overrides these for their own self benefit!!
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Mrs.H Nov 17
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Dudley Brown Nov 19
Replying to @plemess
The chairs would like that. Have you seen how much they are at Costco now. .
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georgia 🍓🐮 Nov 19
pfp is my fave for the first time in forever feeling
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MJ Miller Nov 18
Wait. It is 2020 and the Doobie Brothers were just inducted into the Rock & Roll HOF?
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Robert John Connor Nov 22
My Sistas in GA please take heed.
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Robyn Nov 20
cc Exclusive: U.S. investigators were told to take 'no further action' on Caterpillar, ex-client of Barr
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Rizwan Rehman lYl Nov 25
Shocking waste of public funds without due diligence testing or procurement protocols
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Kim O’ Neill ❤️ Nov 18
Replying to @BuySarms @pam30301
Yep ! And when I busted them the so called customer service rep called me a fool and closed chat !!!! 😤
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Fiddler & the Cat Nov 18
Replying to @paul__johnson
I think the words on the tip of our tongues are
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^_^ Nov 24
Replying to @LouisePagePR
Jamon Iberico is wonderful!! That is as bad as calling a bottle of 1841 Veuve Clicqot, fizzy wine!
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Some stuff on this Twitter Timeline is straight . Sippppppp... Ya'll need Jesus in a mighty way!
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Kris Stenulson Nov 18
That must be about the time they finished counting the absentee ballots.
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Jeanne 🔥 n 🧊 👩🏻‍🦰 Nov 23
“Trump advisor calls President’s tweets a veiled attempt to justify continued fundraising solicitations” 💯 Supposedly the richest man on earth (in his mind) needs the money of his supporters who can’t make their mortgage payments or put food on their table.
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Ged McKenna Nov 18
It tells you something when even the Daily Mail is the describing the PPE contracts dished out by the Tories as ‘chumocracy’
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DRapp Nov 17
Replying to @Goss30Goss
I can only imagine.
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