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Nicole Rojas Nov 11
I am so happy Sandra, an Orangutan will be living the rest of her life in a sanctuary not in isolation.
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Caroline Nov 11
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lilblvebrry Nov 13
Did you know that palm oil is causing the habitats of orangatanges to be destroyed and thus is hurting them
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Michelle Desilets🦧 Nov 15
Replying to @Greg_Hill_RC
DYK, organisations engaged in this issue do not advocate a blanket boycott of palm oil? Better to demand . Why Boycotting Palm Oil Is Not The Way To Save Orangutans and !
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Mrs Contrary Nov 11
Fantastic work I’ve now checked my cupboards of goods that may use palm oil & the derivatives im relieved that only my kitkats have palm oil no more Nestle, Cadbury etc
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Orangutan Fdn Intl Nov 14
Wild spend 60% of their daytime in the canopy searching for food (90% of their food is found in the canopy!). No wonder orangutans are arboreal, which means that most of their life is spent up in the trees!
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Michelle Desilets🦧 Nov 14
RSPO CEO Darrel Webber on palm oil boycotts, brand responsibility, and the need to ‘rethink’ retail and
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Michelle Desilets🦧 Nov 17
Replying to @dawnwaldron
What's worse than palm oil for the environment? Other vegetable oils, IUCN study finds and !
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Rup Dog Nov 11
please stop selling products in your shops that don’t use sustainable palm oil
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