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Adam Eibling 9 May 15
The White Bass are running in the Sandusky River. , ,
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Craig Shoup 31 Aug 17
Got to spend time on the sandusky river yesterday. To prove my boat ride, here is a terrible selfie.
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Chris Collier Feb 2
are important for biodiversity & healthy communities! This permanently protected wetland helps filter water in the watershed before it reaches
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Ohio Div of Wildlife Apr 3
The Maumee and Sandusky Rivers Report was updated yesterday. Get the latest on water conditions, fish being caught, and fishing tips:
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Ohio Div of Wildlife Mar 15
Resources to stay in the know about the 2018 Walleye Run! Walleye Spawning Run Forecast: Maumee and Sandusky Rivers Report:
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Split Shots Fired Mar 11
The , , has started. Going out with some family today to see if we can find our limits. Good luck to anyone doing the same! We will ve at the Sandusky River in Fremont, OH... dancing like this ⬇️
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Ohio Div of Wildlife Nov 16
Finally! The 25-year old Removal project is now in its final phase. Approx. 22 miles of the will again be connected to and available to fish species that use the river for spawning:
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Angie 23 Jun 17
This view never gets old.
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Ohio Div of Wildlife 19 Dec 16
Earlier this month, fish biologists sampled the population on a stretch of the :
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When these lovely autumn days feel like they'll never end...⠀
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A little sunset by the Sandusky for your Saturday.
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Catie Hade 11 Jun 16
It's that time of year again on the river
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Just a leisurely family stroll along the river.
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Wednesday . A close-up of our Sandusky River. Photo by Rachel Hopple.
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Tuesday . Autumn along the at Clinton Nature Preserve. Photo by Dave Smith.
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Monday . Another scenic and serene view of the . Photo by Jamie Thom.
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TiffinU 14 Sep 15
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Bryan Carte 18 Jun 15
Michael's Grove a place of peace and beauty on the
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