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5demandsnot1less😷 3h
How can we forget and forgive those triads collusion of attack??? We move on only when comes back!
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Estella wk20 5h
Replying to @ChiuBryan313
Wt HongKongers won't forget - 721YuenLong, 831PrinceEdward, and surely many more police brutality. HongKong police force = HKpoliceforce must be sanction and disband!
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Hong Konger got something to say-港人有嘢港 Oct 19
I m not going to forget the 721 slaughter! I was a ProChina Supporter before 721! No anymore now!
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R Chan 🇭🇰😷 Oct 19
Replying to @aaronMCN
I feel like just arrest those they dun like and they use the 48hr detainment as punishment. that's how case happens
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Oct 18
[EN Sub] 32 hours at Sun Uk Lang Detention Center - a protester's experi... via
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Water Cannon Blue Oct 19
Replying to @BeLightinHK
Hong Kong is under Humanities Crisis. HKpolice use excessive force to assault protestors by using baton and guns hitting the heads, which totally violates the regulation and law. HKPF even sexually assaulted the arrested youngsters in police stations and
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Freeourhome Oct 20
You know sometime i think conscience make us weak. Hkgers protect elders and kids in frontline or give way to ambulance and then they may suffer in . But now i understand why so many people support hk just because this which is priceless and not all people have it.
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Poppyoflondon 11h
Replying to @jus_tamon @tvs_movies
Communist version of supporting to do: just break their bones, shoot their eyes, smash their brains, gang-r_pe boys+ grls, put stick up men's a_s. A concentration camp called . Victims are not even recovered to speak abt the torture they had..
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genzo35 Oct 15
Replying to @NikkiHaley
Thank you, Nikki. Please continue to keep an eye on HongKong, especially the tragedies of and victims due to
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Pretty Penguin 😷😎 Oct 18
Replying to @bryancsk @JChengWSJ
Is kneeling on a detained person's head & neck violent? Is beating a detained child's head repeatedly with a metal stick violent? Is gang rape, sodomy and murders violent? Is SDU setting fires violent? Is violent?
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Hei Oct 18
The female protester Ms Ng who stand and accuse HK police for sexual assault at San Uk Lane has received a SMS that written by simply Chinese says she have to pay for what she did, or even claim is she going to be gang raped in this year.
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GinHo 19h
【Testimony】[Eng Sub] A victim from has first spoken up for her and other arrestees' terrible experiences. She as a stud from asking the Uni Vice-Chancellor if he knows the difficulties faced by the students.
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A Cat in black Oct 17
Replying to @catinblackwalks
The govt is now targeting our young generation. The riot police arrests the young ppl without lawful reasons everyday. is a torture center where forbid the Chief Secretary for Administration and 6 Justices of Peace to visit. Many ppl are missing&dead bodies are found.
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glory Oct 13
Many and many young girls are arrested. What will happen to them? We won’t forget the death of the naked 15 years old girl. We won’t forget the accusations of sexual violence and serious injuries in . Please save them and help to get back our !
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vvwvv 求科勞 Oct 15
927 Assembly in Edinburgh Place, Central
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wondernikki Oct 20
Replying to @wondernikkilam
Use of San Uk Ling Holding Centre Suspended, But "New Xinjiang" Next to SUL Set to Commence Construction?
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Priscilla Chiu Oct 13
A brave girl telling what happened to her when she’s arrested and taken to San Uk Ling
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雪兔🇭🇰 Oct 12
And there is zero transparency on how many were arrested and sent to and how many actually survived brutality and humiliation, not being a corpse found dead/ found floating in the sea 😭😭😭😭😭
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swater♤HKfightforfreedom Oct 14
Replying to @FreedomHKG
NOWTV journalists were being attacked even they show their press pass. Police get more power and ordinary citizens stay away from popo nowadays. No one wants get into camp!
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Hongkong Bear News 熊新聞 17h
It's good enough for her to not brought raptors & riot police to go inside the mosque. She had showed her respect for not teargassed the Muslims inside nor beat their heads with batons. She didn't shoot their kids with live ammo nor sexual assault their daughters like .
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