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Randy Hurley Jul 8
Flip the script on clients and drive convos through exclusivity.
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Tom Hopkins Jul 8
Once you develop the ability to cope with rejection you’ll wonder why you ever allowed fear of rejection to block your goals.
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Warwick Brown 12m
The secret to most successful client relationships is to keep them talking. How to Talk to Anyone is an invaluable guide to using the subtle art of small talk to create conversations.
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Hamza Baig 19h
Never bad-mouth your competitor to a prospect. Your product should be able to justify itself.
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Tom Hopkins Jul 6
No contacts = no sales = no income. How many contacts will you make today?
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sales-i 1h
Join us every Tuesday and Thursday for FREE sales-i Webinars. This coming week you'll discover how to book more calls and spot even the smallest shifts in your customers' spending. Register for your free place here:
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If there’s one universal rule of sales, it’s that you end up with the customers you deserve. Treat them like nothing more than a number and you’ll find yourself being treated the same way. Personalize your sales approach to upscale your efforts.
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Revenue Storm Jul 8
Check out our article written by Kevin Doddrell to learn five ways you can stand out from the crowd to get the edge over your competition.
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Capsule 20h
Sensing that your sales process is stale or you've never really set out a structure for one? Our guide to build a sales process will help you create one and avoid some common pitfalls.
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Fasproc 23h
Sales proposal is your first impression on your prospect. Don’t just create an ordinary sales proposal. Create a customer winning proposal with the following steps.
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Strike Force Sales Jul 8
Did you know that Strike Force Sales is now on Instagram? We'll be sharing expert sales tips, plus ideas and inspiration on how to generate new business fast. Come and join us at
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Wufasta™ 17h
With our sales prospecting tools, there are several ways to generate new sales leads: 1. Our database 2. Social Media Profiles 3. Domain search. Then you can send cold outreach emails to your prospects within our platform.
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vendor-neutral Jul 8
Receiving a call in the middle of a pandemic might not be received well. However, putting your work on pause will only dry up your team’s pipeline and put you out of business. What’s the solution? Find out here:
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AVN Digital Solution Jul 1
“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence”
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Tom Hopkins 19h
Meet regularly with carefully selected salespeople who sell in noncompeting fields to swap ideas.
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Francesco Impari Jul 1
Sales rule #4 - How to properly connect on btw The Princess Bride is a masterpiece @ Holborn Consulting Ltd
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BasecampScout Jul 3
Basecamp Scout is a field force management app that offers numerous benefits to your business that contribute to closing more deals and increase sales graph.
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Telenotes CRM 19h
Selling via Zoom (or other video conferencing)? Check out these tips from the experts at & : Note: we skipped past all the introductions for you. It's queued up for the best parts.
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Arun Jul 8
Just like we follow guidelines for pandamic revival , for ecnomic revival sales plays a pivotal role.Found some interesting guidelines of a sales attitude during this time . Check out and do share to proud sales professionals.
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