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Mark HoHoHoHamill 24 Aug 18
I've always loved this unique item, which proudly occupies a prominent spot in my Man-Cave at home. Sadly, it stopped working a few years ago & I have no idea where in the world to take it to get it repaired! 🦇 🃏
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Mark HoHoHoHamill 3 Aug 17
Lightsabers are red- Lightsabers are blue- By chance you find mine... Return the hand, too.
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Mathew 7 Aug 17
Replying to @Amy_Hoops
yip, that seems familiar
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UtahMan84 4 Aug 17
Replying to @DixieUte
I actually know this guy....he is just as he appears in this video
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Jenn Clarke 23 Apr 12
Amazing. I still do the carlton. RT : Alfonso Ribeiro: LEADER of 'Carlton Dance' Flash Mob!!! [VIDEO]
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Replying to @FINALLEVEL
Society had lost their minds ..
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Red Helldiver 1 Apr 15
That awkward fanboy moment when watching TV w/ family you scream-answer: "PIERCE COMPETITOR!"
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Grant Whiteley 4 Aug 17
Replying to @Twitch @RayNarvaezJr
And if only i had those.
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The Logical Libertarian™ 16 Jun 18
Do I have a friend in the EU who'd buy me a can of ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid? I'll pay you for it. My country's founding fathers rightly saw fit to protect my rights to own a gun. Yet, they've deemed I can't be trusted with a brake fluid that's blue in color.
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Earl Samuelson 4 Aug 17
Replying to @jkenney
Their argument goes something like this: 'I never did good at book-learnin', just memorized enuf ta git buy'.
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Mama Cougar 1 Apr 13
Replying to @larry411
Pineapple Express Part 2?
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Daniela 31 Jul 16
My new working clothes make me look like I'm a gossip girl school girl when I add the skirt
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S. 6 Aug 17
This weekend ended mighty fast -_-
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Prezajoke 5 Aug 17
your tweets just keep bailing you in the ass. You vaca is 7 days longer than the one you complained about.
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Parker 💚 5 Aug 17
Replying to @andylassner
I feel like this ad gave some hillbilly a boner, yet said hillbilly didn’t understand 3/4 of the words used in said ad
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Avi 6 Aug 17
When your birthday is about everyone else but you.
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Beth Albert & elsie 3 Aug 17
Replying to @HamillHimself
Lightsabers are red- Lightsabers are blue- If your Samuel l Jackson They're purple too
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Avino theyo(vivi) 5 Aug 17
Getting ditched by your best friend!! Yes, that's very hurtful.
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#GingerAcop 1 Feb 12
If Romney gets the nomination, does the Westborough Baptist church burn the book of Morman?
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Trendsmap Canada 3 Aug 17
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