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Deep Desires Press 1h
Being with a Branson can get intense. In that violent, but passionate sort of way. Heathens, out now!
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Deep Desires Press 18h
Between her duties as a scullery maid and her nightly trips to search for her father, Catalina does not have time for the shenanigans of men, least of all the spoiled Prince Rowland's. As sexy as he might be.
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Reed James Jul 14
Worshiping the Queen (Mind-Control Panties 9)
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Alana Church Jul 11
Day 11 of the July , and it's time for some action! Four stories of horny older women and the men they love!
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Dr. J. 💜 #Author✒ Jul 11
Here's my Number 1 blog story for May and June 2019. Will He Let Me: An Erotic Short Story by Dr. J.
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