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SPIEL@Essen (official) Oct 27
209.000 times THANK YOU for 4 fantastic days! 🙏🙏🙏 We look forward seeing all of you again next year! 📆 22. - 25.10.2020
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TBD@TGM19秋 イ-16 Oct 28
was a blast! Thanks for coming to shake hands, play games, and complain that we drained your budget!😛 Kudos to our partners in Taiwan for keep making great games, and our demo crews for bringing so much energy and laughters to the booth! See you next year!
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André Müller (Häwwi) Oct 27
Replying to @SPIEL_Messe
209,000 times WOW! Smashing. Thank you for being such an awesome host. See you again at !
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André Müller (Häwwi) Oct 9
Sorry to hear. But remember: after is before !
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Jess Cassady Oct 27
Replying to @cardboard_kid
This is true! I miss you so so much already! Next year, we play the heaviest game of !
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@senetmagazine Oct 28
Cannot wait for . Until next year everyone! Help us make a magazine about the craft, creativity & community of board gaming by backing us on Kickstarter NOW: (Thanks for the typeface ! )
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André Müller (Häwwi) Nov 1
Replying to @MeepleU
My Essen was absolutely awesome. Great to hear that you liked the treats. The Tim Tams have been sooo delicious! *yumyum* Looking forward to seeing you again at !
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Paavo Pohndorff Oct 27
Mandatory loot picture. Smaller haul than usual but still great games. Until next year!
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Dennis R. Oct 28
Replying to @TabTog
But it's just 1 year minus 1 day till . Countdown ticks
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Heavy Cardboard Oct 28
Replying to @Fritzpatricks_E
Tried to make it to every table this year & I hope we succeeded. So many people came that we needed two large rooms so they’ll be putting us in the large event addition next year. Mark your calendars, Friday of already booked at to do it again! 23.10.20
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Board&Dice ▶️ PAXU #3847 11 Oct 15
This view was just incredible today! by were out.
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Ulf Persson Nov 13
Help me round up Essen’s Most Wanted Exhibitors 2020
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Mara Nov 1
Same here all that's left is my hope that I can share a pint with you next on Friday 😉
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Peter Erwig Aug 14
Replying to @whatacutesnoot
I hope that GW sells them as well at in Essen, Germany😊 Unfortunately I have missed to buy the set.
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The Wood Games Nov 28
More playtests on Neko Harbour Card Game!!!! Now the structure of the game has confirmed. Now moving to balancing adjustments. Can’t wait to show you more :)
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Peer Lagerpusch Oct 27
Goodbye Hello . It was amazing as always.
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Replying to @TheOneTAR
It is one thing you want to learn how to write german rulebooks or just want to be able to read them and have a conersation about them. German grammar can be tricky... But even most germans get it correct. So thumbs up for doing it. Next year i will test in at
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Cristoffer Wiker 9 Oct 15
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Dan & Connie Kazmaier ➡️ PAX #3927 Oct 31
Likewise! Stoked for both UKGE & ! 😃
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ode. Oct 27
Done with and reunited with my buddy Coop! Looking forward to a nice walk with him tomorrow. See you all next year at !!!
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