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FinBuzz 19m
Highest scoring stories for under one watchlist
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Marketflownet 8h
SP daily parabolas 09/13/2019 , ,
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Me 2h
could fall to 2977 to text s3 and 200 ema on hour chart
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And to add on that......😁 All discussion on breaking that red upper trendline should be disregarded
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Henrik Zeberg Sep 14
Replying to @HenrikZeberg
and have been rallying - and last week's candle was not necessarily a topping candle. Hence, we could still see throw-over of Ending Diagonal (black path) before we crash lower. Observe CLEAR neg. divergence, since early 2018
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FinBuzz 55m
Trading indices? Check stories for the major constituents of
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Me 3h
$SP500 levels for 9/16 pvt 3011.43 r1 3019.46 r2 3031.63 r3 3039.66 s1 2999.26 s2 2991.23 s3 2979.06
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The (total market vs to GDP) is almost 40% higher than the modern-era average -- it hasn't been this high since the 2000 .com bubble. GDP would need to rise 50% in order to justify current valuation.
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Bethel Loh Sep 12
Futures are only 12pts out from all-time highs...
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Mr. Incognito Sep 13
“quad” yesterday 5 touch points & a +13 differential
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Arek Drozda 15h
Weekend trivia: relative valuation of Index - actual (based on dividends) to expected (relative to returns on 10yb) So, considering available investment options & actual returns 12m to date, maybe US shares are not overvalued after all? Hmm... no crash anytime soon?
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🏉Andrea Costa 🇮🇹 Sep 14
my favourite and most likely scenario: top formed around area 3050, retracement to area 2600, start of the euphoric phase of the stock market with target in area 4500. I love the creative part of this job.
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Adam Voulstaker Sep 10
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andrey_razbojnik Sep 11
another one day short, because us is strong
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Ole In het Berenbos 13h
next 3016 exit scenario 2826 next wave Minuette at 2955-3005
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Jeb Handwerger Sep 9
The TSX Venture is below 600 cheaper than it was in 1999 while is hitting new all time highs in terms of Canadian Dollar and hits record highs. Will the junior mineral industry rise again? What went so wrong?Remember it was 7x higher before the credit crisis.
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futureThought11 Sep 8
2969 would be the inflection point for ES long or short for now
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Me Sep 13
$SP500 levels for 9/13 pvt 3010.13 r1 3019.36 r2 3030.43 r3 3039.66 s1 2999.06 s2 2989.83 s3 2978.76
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Alvaro Sep 8
Shiller PE ratio for the Media 15,74 Actual 29,86 🧐
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NT Sep 13
Replying to @1998967
Days like this I think about the wise words of Howard Marks
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