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Yakov Tomara *Nothing Personal Save For Interests* Oct 26
Replying to @tatianycoeuvre
Absolutely! Fuck
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Judicial Watch ⚖️ Oct 21
Leftwing billionaire George just donated $1.5 million to help the nation’s most populous county elect a Black Lives Matter-endorsed prosecutor who promises to lock up fewer criminals. Read:
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KillerStephen 🛴🛴🛴 Oct 21
Replying to @SummitCity1166
You assume they aren’t getting paid...
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Nandini 🇮🇳 Oct 19
It is imperative that India asks these questions too. The biggest international political collusion in history …
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Tam Brewer Oct 21
Lee, I'm going with Himself! I thought he running for Senate? I saw a video🤔😁 Biden was VP. ....warmongers
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Polimagnifier Oct 25
What and have in common? They both support of that created fake
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Jerry Jeff Mander Oct 25
Replying to @omriceren
. There I said it.
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Afroo~Media😎 Oct 25
"When political rallies turn violent you don't hear that thugs have hijacked the election. So why don't we now want to believe in the integrity of the people because some violence has happened?" ~ Seun Kuti
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Gordon Liddy🔞🧨🍸🇦🇺 35m
Senile old galoot ... puppets of . corrupt.
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Stef Van Der Witz Oct 26
George Soros Targets Black And Latino Voters As Trump Gains Newfound Support
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DonnyB 🍀 6h
Replying to @DeAnna4Congress
And disseminators of propaganda and disinfo.
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bucketoftea Oct 20
Replying to @IanBertram2 @daahmom
and massive election fraud.
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Liberal ChUCK he/her/shim Oct 19
Replying to @SenSanders
How much did pay for that seat & was it more or less than what the Chinese paid ?
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Bubba Rogowski Oct 25
Replying to @RogowskiBubba
Is anyone else a little suspicious of the fact that the & Gates-linked, Global Preparedness Monitoring Board, had written a list of 7 things governments should do in the event of a global pandemic, just 3 months before the outbreak?
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S Thomas 10h
is just a puppet. will be the real POTUS
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