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Simon Wakeman 15 Nov 10
RT : Slides from talk now online. Thanks to everyone for questions & cleverness
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HELL Pizza :official 15 Nov 10
Throw a goat for the Head Demon \m/
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Social Media NZ 16 Nov 10
S.M Junction 2 Wrap-up plus our valuable takeaways from the event - those who attend what were your takeaways ?
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Social Media Guide 18 Nov 10
RT : Post + Pics from - A meeting of the best Social Media & Digital Marketing minds in NZ
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Greenpeace NZ 14 Nov 10
When your opponent creates a twitter account, counter immediately with a twitter petition -SUN TZU
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Greg Whitham 16 Nov 10
Social media masterclass or seo keyword distraction at
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Richard Irvine 17 Nov 10
My thoughts from yesterday's conference:
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Matthew Vogts 16 Nov 10
RT :Only thing true about SM is the tools always change.A strategy based on tactics is recipe for constant game of catch up Well said!
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ajay murthy 16 Nov 10
Here's the Amazon link:
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Bryony Cole 16 Nov 10
Social media in a crises: Great case studies incl Aus bushfires by cc:
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AugmentedAdvertising 16 Nov 10
RT: Interesting post for ers from on Google Goggles - one of the only Google topics not disc...
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Bullet PR 14 Nov 10
Check out the random, yet interactive and on-message comms of Innocent Smoothies:
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The Common Room 16 Nov 10
If only our most prolific tweeters followed this rule :P *Hr RT : key message for today: be social and be useful
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Lee Odden 18 Nov 10
RT : Twitter reveals screenshots of its new analytics tool /via cc
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Plant&Food Research 14 Nov 10
Replying to @AlexErasmus
Dompost story today discusses Greenpeace vs. Fonterra and quotes "The Art of War" - good read
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Social media - ROI? - the big question - maybe a free ticket to will help answer the question?
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Next 3 days - follow to gain insight from the Akl conference - Social Media Junction
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FIRST 9 Nov 10
is almost here: We have a ticket to give away to SMJ 2! - RT this to enter draw
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Anna Reeve 16 Nov 10
My mates at today are and
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Datasquirt Limited 1 Dec 10
How local government can use for customer service: thought from :
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