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Tariq Nasheed 🇺🇸 Sep 12
Brooke Skylar Richardson, 20, was accused of killing her newborn baby and burying her in the backyard in an unmarked grave. She was acquitted of the most serious charges against her.
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#PeopleAreExhausting Sep 17
The people who should write books and manifestos about how to organize aren't being asked to do so or are too busy organizing to do so, so we're left with people who've organized nothing writing the books...
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Bob Geyer Sep 13
Replying to @marklevinshow
I work at an airport and it’s like that everyday sir ! How did we get here ?
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The Real Django🎗 Sep 14
It's hard to imagine a "Governor" being so callous and ignorant to tweet something like that... I guess I'm right when I say that this "Trump Effect" has made wimps into bullies. Trump He has to go!
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Matthew Schultz 1m
For the record, THERE IS NO SUCH THING as an “urgent” or “emergency” email. IT’S NOT A THING.
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🔆 Sep 16
Replying to @imdatfeminist
Signs of selfishness, unreliable, disregards feelings, all about what THEY want to do, lies, eats all your food, talking to ex’s or ppl they fcked, multiple social media accounts, “photo vault,” phone on vibrate ALL THE TIME... list goes on, but I was too blind to see.
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Matt Segal 4h
Anyone else feel like today felt like a Thursday?
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jbook™ Sep 14
What an awful coaching job by Dantonio. Having 12 guys on the field for a FG to go to OT is unacceptable from a veteran coach. You let a true freshman QB come into your house and score within 2 minutes to beat you.
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🌓 Sep 17
Needed 5 points from my TE yesterday to win my fantasy game and he breaks his fucking neck first play of the game 😂🤦🏻‍♂️ ?
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Essa Malik Sep 14
Why do people sit on your seat on the fucking plane? I get shifted to a woman’s seat coz she wanted to sit with her family and then a guy was like you’re sitting on my seat, turns out a woman was sitting on his seat. Airplane musical chairs.
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Mare Sep 14
Neighbors shooting fireworks. Trying to maintain patience. My dog is freaking out. It's 9/14 right, not 7/4? Goes on for 30 minutes, 29 minutes too long. I'm in my backyard and I yell out KNOCK IT OFF. Fireworks stop.
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Mindy Valeria 20h
It’s funny how many people think they could do it better than those on the field.
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Boop 23h
Me no like pretenders 🙄
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Siphelele kalipa Sep 17
Replying to @Anti__Bullshit
Its comments like these that will keep South Africa a third world country. If we can't unite as a nation how are we expected to run against the world...
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Crina Sep 15
new laptop, new plans for staying away from social media and rather working on my neglected photo projects. Fingers crossed; procrastination and impostor syndrome to be kept under control.
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Marisa Fierimonte 10h
I completely understand when people move on from one another but PLEASE can people just have some type of respect for someone u once “loved.”
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디에고 3h
sitting in the gym bored while luke does his work
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Hailey 2h
Replying to @funkdyke
...@ me next time bitch 🖕😂 #🙄
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Rusty Griswald 4h
Replying to @LorenaSGonzalez
This does none of that. You're stripping away the freedom of choice from an entire segment of the economy. Ideas so good, they have to be mandatory.
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TyeJensen 7h
Replying to @tye_jensen
Everyone (sans science team): "OMG YOU'RE A GENIUS."
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