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Jenna 🍍 19m
The one I have now. Any job has frustrations, but 95% of the time I'm excited to go to work, see my students, and help kids communicate. And the pay is pretty decent too, which is a bonus!
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Boardmaker Sep 17
Me: "Hey dad, I'm tired." Dad: "Hey Tired, I'm Dad!" Dad joke is definitely one of our favorite PCS®! What's your favorite symbol? We'd love to know. Share it in the comments below!
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James Sep 18
My weekly portfolio update: Up 1.0% this week & up 19.0% Cal YTD. Holdings 👇. , & made the week, with & detracting a little. Trades: None 17 🚀> +5%: AAZ, BOO, MWE, SLP, SPSY 12 💩> -5%: CAML, BXP, MMX, SDI, SHI 3 unch'd Good w/e all! 🍷🥤☀️
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Sherae's Melody Sep 18
When Silence Yearns For Solitude
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Alliete Alfano 14h
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Mining Weekly Sep 16
Has your initiative ground to a standstill in the wake of COVID-19? Arize can work with you to create a tailored, impactful business-development programme that can be delivered digitally & achieve the results you need
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Katherine Flores Sep 15
Being an is sometimes a really hard job, and virtual learning doesn’t make it any easier. But there are some days like today where I leave work really happy and thankful for this job.
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T:SLP School Opening outside of Hartford, Connecti - CompHealth - Bloomfield, CT -
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Sherae's Melody Sep 18
May Fortune Favour The Fuck Ups
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Pinkham School Sep 18
Our FANTASTIC , Ms. Campbell, is supporting assessing N/K S&L this afternoon. Thank you for your ongoing support!!!!! ⁦⁩
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T:Spend the Fall on California's Far North Coast - CompHealth - Fortuna, CA -
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AMDi 14h
From the bottom of our hearts to all celebrating 🙏🏻🍯🍎
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MetroEHS Sep 17
We are proud to be working with SO many Metro Detroit families and we invite you to join us! 👉Please note that applicants using a *Gmail address may find our reply in their Promotions folder.
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Jessy Sep 18
My mamalonis 🇲🇽🔥
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Eat, Speak, & Think Sep 18
Ever wonder what a speech-language pathologist does? If you're an , there's a 1-page handout "Reasons to see to a speech-language pathologist", in case you're looking to increase referrals.
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T:Mountains and Beaches Within 1-2 Hours! Just No - CompHealth - Lancaster, CA -
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T:SLP skilled nursing opportunity in SE North Caro - CompHealth - Lumberton, NC -
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T:SLP Position open in historic Mid-South town. O - CompHealth - Richmond, VA -
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Speech Language Pathologist (SLP - CCC) - Centra Healthcare - Newton, MA -
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Vento Management SA de CV Sep 17
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